Issue 3 - August/September 2012 
32 Corrosion Resistant, Airtight, Partitioned Buildings Protect Water Treatment Equipment Throughout Sacramento County

ShelterWater treatment can be a corrosive business. In order to have clean water, treatment facilities in Sacramento County use sodium hydrochloride to disinfect water once it's drawn from the well and then they fluoridate using hydroflourosylicic acid. Both are hazardous chemicals that need to be confined, but hydroflourosylicic acid, and particularly the fumes emitted during the fluoridation process, eats away at nearly any surface it comes in contact with.  Since both chemical processes happen at the well site, the equipment needs to be contained separately.

Sacramento County Water Agency made the decision to upgrade 32 old Redwood buildings and turned to Shelter Works for its field equipment protection needs. Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works, explains, "You can't mess around with this stuff. This was a big project, and it was important to them that they work with a high-quality company that had specific QC procedures in place.  The interior partition wall created an airtight environment that met their needs perfectly."


There were nine shelters to be placed at water treatment plants and 23 shelters at individual well sites throughout Sacramento County.  Because those individual well sites are situated within residential neighborhoods, they needed to be visually appealing as well as corrosive resistant. In order to contain the fumes and keep the equipment from corroding, Shelter Works supplied a series of multi-room fiberglass buildings to contain the fumes in one room and allow other equipment to be protected in another room.  Airtight partitions separate the equipment and protect each from harmful effects of the other, as well as protecting from the elements. 


Need a beautiful, long-lasting corrosion resistant fiberglass shelter?  Give us a call at 800-794-8037.


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Light as a Feather,
But Stronger Than Steel

Strong As SteelYou have no doubt seen hundreds, if not thousands of cellular telephone towers as you drive from town to town across the country. You can't miss them; tall steel poles with antennas on top and usually an equipment shelter at the base. But have you noticed that you never see cell towers in cities?


In cities across America, tall buildings serve as the towers and the equipment is located on the rooftops. Of course, the equipment that services those towers needs to be protected-from tampering as well as from Mother Nature. In addition, the equipment protection structure acts as a shelter for the crew as they provide maintenance services to the tower equipment so high above the ground; it's no fun to work outside in the wind, rain, snow or cold of winter.


Verizon is one of America's largest cellular telephone service providers and in Chicago, as they have been upgrading their systems to 4G, they have called on Shelter Works to protect their equipment...

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Shelter Works Appoints John Miller as Director of Sales and Operations

John MillerAfter serving as Operations Manager for 5 years, Shelter Works has named John Miller as Director of Sales and Operations.  In this new role, John will be able to focus on the entire customer experience to ensure that Shelter Works is professionally represented in the market place and that we can increasingly deliver on our promises.


This organizational change comes on the heels of 5 consecutive years of growth that have seen Shelter Works' sales double. Because the company has experienced such tremendous growth in sales of its fiberglass equipment protection buildings, senior management at the company determined that they wanted to further grow the sales/order fulfillment team in a way that would ensure integration with the operations team to offer Shelter Works capabilities to the markets served and support the network of manufacturer representatives. 


"Many of our customers already know John, and those who don't are going to love working with him.  He brings a wealth of knowledge of our business and its operations to this new responsibility.  We have been so pleased with the contributions John has made on the operational side of the business, and we're excited to have him work with our team to enhance interactions with our customer base," explains Tracy Switzer, President of Shelter Works.  "We know that our customers love  ...


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