Issue 1 - June 2012 
Introducing Inside The Shelter!

Because we care about serving your needs, we're launching an e-newsletter to inform and inspire you, with information you need relative to Shelter Works fiberglass equipment protection.  We hope you find it helpful.

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Need a Fiberglass Building FAST?
Shelter Works says, "No problem!"
One of our long-standing customers sent us a complicated electrical schematic and asked if we could include it in a structure needed to protect a lift station with a back-up diesel generator in Tennessee.  Oh, and they needed it delivered to them in five weeks, complete with PE stamps and state certification labels!  In addition, the customer specified a venting solution that features our special thermally-actuated shutters that progressively open (automatically!) based on the temperature inside the shelter-even when the power is out!

Our Shelter Works team went to work on the project, coordinating all the different team members, from designers to engineers to fabricators to electricians and finally to quality control inspectors.  Because all of our structures are custom-made and we have streamlined our production process, we were able to deliver the fiberglass building to our customer on time and on budget.
Test Shows Shelter Works Fiberglass Buildings Can Withstand Category Five Hurricane Winds

SurvivedA Shelter Works building was recently rated to withstand 160 mph wind loads by an independent Professional Engineer and the State of Florida.  When hurricanes rip through a town, our customers need to have confidence that their critical field equipment is protected-even in a Category Five Hurricane!   


Click here to read about one shelter that withstood the ravages of Hurricane Rita.

Creative Delivery Solutions
For Your Field Equipment Protection


Low ClearanceAt Shelter Works, we help you think through all the details of your project, from componentry to delivery and installation. We think of our customers as partners, and we know you need it to be right for your job.  And sometimes that means thinking outside the box.


One of our customers needed to protect some field equipment in a coal mine in Logan, West Virginia. This is a pretty straightforward job ... except ...


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