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     At Jeffrey Wilkins Fly Fishing, we take fly fishing seriously.  And we take your "playtime" seriously.  Everything we do we do with a professional approach and passion.  We are a professional Guide and Outfitter, offering professionally guided fly fishing trips in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  We also are a Frontiers International Booking Agent and do all sorts of trips, and we also guide many Western fly fishing trips as well.
     In addition to trips, we offer Fly Fishing Seminars and Schools, as well as private instruction.  We offer casting instruction from beginner to expert, and are FFF Certified.  In addition, we also offer professionally taught Fly Tying schools, seminars, and private fly tying instruction.
     We have an online webstore, and offer many custom flies and other products to fly fishers of all skill levels.  We offer a weekly subscription based email newsletter/fishing report, and a monthly newsletter also, with each providing relevant and useful information on fly fishing here in the Southern Appalachians.  If you'd like to receive one or both of these items, please let us know here .
     In addition, we offer lots of other resouces as well.  Fly fishing information in the way of podcasts is available, and you can subscribe to an RSS feed too to stay up to date with new casts as they come through.  We also have quite an extensive Trip Photo Gallery of the places we guide and fish, much of which will give an angler traveling to our area for the first time valuable insight into what they might expect while visiting Southern Appalachia. 
     For those who like to read about stuff relevant to the sport, we have an ever popular JWFF Blogsite which is frequently updated with new content for your reading enjoyment.  And if you like to tie flies, you'll find lots of great info on the Fly Tyer's Bench page of our website , and you'll find great free recipes, hot fly  patterns, and many free video clips  on our fly tying website  Jeffrey Wilkins Fly Tying.
     So please join us and enjoy what is offered in all the above and share our passion for this great sport.
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