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California AgTour Connections e-mail archives
Below are archived issues of California AgTour Connections, the agritourism e-mail newsletter from the UC Small Farm Program. For more information about agritourism, please contact Penny Leff at (530) 752-7779.
  • AgTour Connections June 2014  (5/30/2014)
  • Articles include:

    Building a Farm Trail project
    Agritourism Intensive classes
    CalAgTour.org directory
    San Diego farmers needed
    Farm festivals
    Useful resources
    Funding opportunities
  • AgTour Connections January 2014  (1/22/2014)
  • Articles include:

    Stories from "Agritourism Intensive"
    "Discover California Fairs" in Santa Barbara
    CalAgTour.org directory & event calendar
    State Legislative Hearing on agritourism
    Yuba Co. regulatory changes & workshop
    California Small Farm Conference 2014
    Coming up soon...
    A few funding opportunities
  • AgTour Connections October 2013  (10/28/2013)
  • Articles include:

    Agritourism Intensive Classes start soon
    CalAgTour.org directory & event calendar
    Starting a Farm Trail Project
    Discover California Farms...at the fairs
    California Small Farm Conference
    Comment NOW on FSMA
    Coming up soon...
    Funding Opportunities
  • AgTour Connections July 2013  (7/10/2013)
  • Articles include:

    Agritourism Intensive Classes
    CalAgTour.org Directory and Calendar
    California Counties Agritourism Updates
    Discover California Farms Web Portal
    Agritourism News from Other States
    Farm Camp!
    Workshop Ideas Needed for Conference
    Coming up Soon
    Funding Opportunities
  • AgTour Connections October 2012  (9/27/2012)
  • Articles include:

    Fairs & farms collaboration workshops
    Agritourism planning classes start soon
    CalAgTour.org directory
    Cottage Food Bill signed
    California Small Farm Conference 2013
    New resources & reports
    Coming up soon
    Funding opportunities
  • AgTour Connections August 2012  (8/1/2012)
  • Articles include:

    Fairs & farms collaboration workshops
    Agritourism planning classes soon
    CalAgTour.org directory
    Sonoma speed-dating
    Coming up soon
    WSARE funding
  • AgTour Connections May 2012  (5/4/2012)
  • Articles include:

    Fairs & farms collaboration workshops
    Agritourism planning class materials
    More agritourism planning classes soon
    CalAgTour.org directory
    California Homemade Food Act update
    New farm trails maps & events
    County regulatory updates
  • AgTour Connections January 2012  (1/19/2012)
  • Articles include:

    Statewide agritourism summit report
    County regulations update
    Sonoma Marin Cheese Trail
    Customer service survey
    Small Farm Conference
    Other conferences and workshops
  • AgTour Connections September 2011  (9/20/2011)
  • Articles include:

    Statewide agritourism summit
    Fresno & Glenn Co. agritourism classes
    Online agritourism course
    California Agricultural Almanac
    CalAgTour.org online directory
    Other great resources
  • AgTour Connections July 2011   (7/21/2011)
  • Articles include:

    New agritouorism manual
    Online course
    Statewide workshop
    USDA Funding
    "Growing Agritourism" wrap-up
    Insurance advice
    Lake County spotlight
    Dinuba farm stay
    Feather Down Farm Days
    Other great resources
  • AgTour Connections May 2011  (5/5/2011)
  • Articles include:

    "Growing Agritourism" Central Coast workshop
    Regional gatherings
    CalAgTour.org directory
    Tour partners
    Insurance survey
  • AgTour Connections April 2011  (3/31/2011)
  • Articles include:

    Our new Facebook page!
    Extension Online agritourism class
    New farm trails groups organizing
    Tag team tour tip
    "Growing Agritourism" workshop updates
    The corn maze financed the farm
    Butte County innovative zoning solutions
    Indiana limited liability law
    Farm stays get new help
    CalAgTour.org directory & event listings
  • AgTour Connections November 2010  (11/24/2010)
  • Articles include:

    "Growing Agritourism" workshops
    Funding Opportunities
    Using Social Media
    California Small Farm Conference 2011
  • AgTour Connections July 2010  (7/30/2010)
  • Articles include:

    All-new CalAgTour.org event calendar
    Help plan workshops
    Delta agritourism group
    Talk, taste and tour
    "Farm stay" without the stay
    I just play one on TV
    USDA funding
    Real Time Farms
  • AgTour Connections May 2010  (5/12/2010)
  • Articles include:

    All-new www.CalAgTour.org
    Upcoming workshops
    Geotourism map
    Farm field trip guide
    U-pick success
    Online tour booking
    Putting on a feast
    Mariposa County zoning update
    Sierra Valley Passion for the Land
  • AgTour Connections March 2010  (3/11/2010)
  • Articles include:

    Small Farm Program update
    Spring tour sampler
    Festivals flourishing
    Get ready for October
    Merced County organizes
    Funding opportunities
    Educational events
    Small Farm Conference report
    Cultural and Heritage Tourism Symposium report
  • AgTour Connections January 2010  (1/15/2010)
  • Articles Include:

    Small Farm Program Update
    Potter Valley rodeo fundraising
    Bring on the bus tour!
    Garden Theater Tours
    Delta agritourism planning
    County news
    CDFA funding available
    Join CalAgTour.org
    California Small Farm Conference
    Upcoming events
    Pedro Ilic awards
  • AgTour Connections December 2009  (12/4/2009)
  • Articles include:

    Create a blossom trail
    Christmas tree association
    New insurance options
    Niche farming workshops
    Travel outlook improving
    Join CalAgTour.org
    California Small Farm Conference
    Pedro Ilic awards
    NAFDMA Convention
  • AgTour Connections October 2009  (10/27/2009)
  • Articles include:

    UC closes Small Farm Program
    USDA Funding available
    Corn maze in Dixon
    Pumpkin patch ideas
    Hoes Down Harvest Festival
    Limited liability for agritourism?
    No riders!
    Join CalAgTour.org
    Join the agritourism listserv
    2010 Small Farm Conference
  • AgTour Connections September 09  (9/22/2009)
  • The second issue of California AgTour Connections. Articles include:

    Join the conversation
    Farm Tours for profit?
    New agritourism groups organizing
    Tuolumne farm & ranch tour
    Pie Ranch barn dance
    County plans and regulations online
    Funding available
    Upcoming events
    Join CalAgTour.org
    One-minute survey
  • AgTour Connections July 09   (7/27/2009)
  • The first issue of California AgTour Connections. Articles include:

    Join CalAgTour.org
    Agritourism survey results
    Historic Humboldt barns
    New state farmstand rules
    Ag Adventures replaces maps with cards
    Can they find you with GPS?
    County agritourism regulations online
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