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Jan/Feb 2012                                                                                V5 #1
Review ALL Your Plans for 2012

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A Personal Message

  Many of us enjoyed the movie "Pay It Forward." And whether we started to practice it, in this season of sharing I ask you to stop and consider: forwarding this newsletter to one or more of your friends is going to do more than just one good thing. It will show you friends that you think well of them.  You'd be suprised at the number of people who would like to know more of what this ancient art and science can do for them. Some might think it's some weird hocus pokus, fakir etc. I know it's not and hopeful you do too. They might even get an answer to a problem they've had for a long time. So I encourage you to go ahead and click on the red envelope and forward this to your friends.
I thank you for being a kind and thoughtful person. May there be many more like you in 2012.

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Tearing up the blueprints: 

A client  contacted me wanting to have their retirement home plans analyzed. These folks knew full well that moving walls was both easiers and cheaper with eraser and pencil than changing them later with hammer and saw. The first floor plan was acceptable with minor modifications, but the second floor was a disaster.  The problem was solved by turning the second floor layout 180 degrees.  Once redrawn, the couple remarked on how much better it felt to them  already - before a single board had been cut.

Being wise clients, they decided to move to their retirement community and rent for awhile before building. What they discovered was that they did not want to live there,  so those plans got flushed. I was not to hear from them for another couple of years; and by that time, they had moved to be closer to their kids. Much to their surprise, they didn't see any more of their offspring than they did when they lived 8 hours away!  What to do?

The answer was to identify the town (one state away) where they truly did want to retire, and have their dream home designed. Once again they engaged me for a plan review. Once again there were some basic problems which we corrected at the planning stage. We went through three revisions of the floor plans, but they understood what we were creating.  Once the home was finally under construction, they called for a color consultation.  Now they will move in the next few months to a home that will give them the harmony, the elegance and the peacefulness they want.

I only wish more people understood this!




Is it coincidence that 2012 is thought to be so significant by so many ancient cultures?  I think not.  And the fact that the Chinese know it as the Year of the Dragon once again demonstrates the unique wisdom of this ancient culture. The Year of the Dragon promises to be a wild and bumpy ride.  There will be opportunities for those smart enough to see them and move quickly. But there will also be massive changes with Gaia as we continue to ignore pushing the Earth beyond her power to correct. Look for dramatic and calamitous results.  More than anything, individuals who remain flexible will maneuver the stormy times ahead much more easily than those who remain rigid.

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese astrology is a tool to help navigate the coming interplay of energies. The Chinese zodiac is a bit more complex than the Western zodiac - the twelve animal elements are intertwined with the five elements in a great 60 year cycle, so the year of your birth is seen as much more significant than the month of your birth, and your life experience will have more in common with your year "age-mates" than with someone born in the same month but in a different year.   I was born in the Year of the Snake and the dominant element of the year of my birth was metal - a combination that appears only once every 60 years!  So the various characteristics of each animal sign and it's element sub sign indicate very specific ways to make the most of 2012. I've always felt it was more useful to have a map if I had a specific destination in mind. If I was just wandering, a map was pretty meaningless. I mention this because my offer of a personal horoscope is still valid. Consider what's coming, and then make your best decision.           


Meet Sugeet - Learn Tips & Tricks: Upgrade Your Future!Pencil sketch Sugeet

 On Monday, January 9, I'll be talking about "Useful Feng Shui" at the Ashland Coop's new classroom. 7pm, and of course, It's free.

Then on Saturday, January 14, I'll be giving a talk at the Rogue Valley Health Fair , "From Chaos to Clarity". The fair is free. Come early to the Medford Armory and if you're one of the first 250 folks, you will receive a tote bag filled with coupons.  See you there!