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Exploring the Path is the monthly newsletter of ACI-CapeAnn. Our base is the Vajramudra Center in Rockport Massachusetts. To learn more about ACI-Cape Ann please visit our web site: ACI-Cape Ann Home Page.

Our newsletter is about the modern practice of ancient dharma.  The 2500-year-old message hasn't changed. But the students have. We're not learning in monasteries. Most of us have jobs and families. Our days are filled with responsibilities and obligations. As serious students of these teachings, we continually seek modern ways to practice, to bring the great sanity of Tibetan Buddhism to destructive habits and culture that often seem to hold us helplessly in their grasp.

We look to build community, to collect and share our experiences on the path from the mundane to the miraculous. To offer insights from our lamas and from the lineage for you to question and put to the test in your daily life. Then share the results with the rest of us!

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