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January 2011

Grand Opening

   As you know our current office is a five story building located in the heart of New Maadi in Cairo. However, what you may not know is because of the growth of our company over the last few years we have been building a new six story building directly adjacent to our current facility. Well, we are excited to announce that our new building is almost complete and will include additional laboratory space, more office space, and an entire floor dedicated to training and lecturing. 

     So, we would like to invite you to the grand opening celebration that will be held March 23rd. There will be wonderfully delicious food and juices for everyone's pleasure. We hope you will come. Many of our friends from around the world will be coming; so, it will be a time for you to catch-up on old times and see our beautiful new building. We look forward to seeing you there.  

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StratoChem Services and W.L. GORE Join Forces for Exploration


     StratoChem Services has been a partner with W.L.GORE for many years throughout North Africa. While GORE may be best known for their GORE-TEX® jackets, they also have a division that has developed one of the finest surface geochemistry technologies in the world - Amplified Geochemical Imaging (AIG). StratoChem Services has provided field and marketing services for AIG across North Africa for many years. Recently, StratoChem Services and GORE have been working together to bolster their service offerings by incorporating biomarker analysis and basin modeling in conjunction with Amplified Geochemical Imaging.

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BP Shares Jump On Report of Shell Takeover Interest
( January 4, 2011)
BP Logo                                                                            


     BP Plc, the company fighting legal claims after the biggest oil spill in U.S. history, rose the most in six months after the Daily Mail newspaper said Royal Dutch Shell Plc considered a takeover bid during the crisis.


     Shell is still interested in a merger, the newspaper reported today, citing unidentified people close to the company. Separately, the lawyer in charge of paying victims of the Gulf of Mexico accident said about half of BP's $20 billion fund should be adequate to cover losses.


     BP advanced as much as 5 percent, the most since July 16, and traded at 489 pence as of 9:19 a.m. in London. Shell considered a bid for BP last year when shares were at their nadir after the spill, according to the Daily Mail. BP has recovered 60 percent since the end of June after the company agreed to set up an escrow account demanded by President Barack Obama to pay for cleanup and economic losses.



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Prosep, Statoil, Total and Conoco to Develop Gas Dehydration Technology


( December 27,  2010)  

 Prosep Logo

     ProSep Inc., dedicated to providing process solutions to the oil and gas industry, announces it was awarded additional funding to pursue the development of its proprietary gas dehydration technology "ProDry" under a Joint Industry Project (JIP) carried-out with Total, Statoil and ConocoPhillips.

     The JIP partners together with The Research Council of Norway provided additional funding of approximately $0.4 million (CAD) to pursue a Phase IV pilot testing project, an extension of Phase III announced on May 28, 2009. After successful performance testing at Total's gas processing plant in Lussagnet (France), JIP partners agreed to extend testing to identify scale-up capacity, performance and operational robustness of the ProDry. Phase IV development is expected to conclude in the second quarter of 2011.



Egypt: Mubarak Inaugurates the Upper Egypt Gas Pipeline in Aswan 

( December 30, 2010)

Egyptian flag small

     Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak inaugurated the Gas Complex during his multifarious tour within Aswan governorate today, Thursday.


     Moreover, Mubarak also initiated a number of services and development projects, which aims to promote the public services and improve the living conditions of citizens and increase employment opportunities for the young generations and graduates.


     Mubarak stared his tour by the opening of the Gas Complex pipelines in Upper Egypt on the  West bank of the River Nile in Aswan. The Upper Egypt Gas Pipeline connects homes and businesses in Aswan to the natural gas system for the first time.


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Bahrain Plans to Drill New Oil Wells 

( January 23, 2010)

Bahrain Flag

     Bahrain has stepped up its oil exploration program by drilling 25 new wells. The National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) announced the new developmental oil wells which have been commissioned by exploration company Tatweer Petroleum.  Oil and Gas Affairs Minister and NOGA chairman, Abdulhussain Mirza said these 25 wells are the first of nearly 3,500 to be drilled at the Bahrain Field in the next 20 years. The minister was speaking to employees and management of Tatweer at the Bapco Club, Awali.


     'This achievement would not have been possible without the active involvement of all those who work at the company,' he said. 'The goals you have for the next few years will continue to be challenging and deserves recognition as we cross new targets each time.' He said the efforts of the Tatweer team have also led to the drilling and commissioning of five new khuff wells and gas dehydration facilities.


     'This has enabled NOGA meet its sales figures and peak demand throughout the year.' Earlier, during an international conference in November last year, the minister said Bahrain's oil production would go up to 100,000 bpd, from the present 32,000 bpd in the next seven years.


Egypt: PetroAmir to Invest $12 million in the Gos


( - January 12, 2011)

Egyptian flag small

     Petro Amir prepares for the beginning of its water injection project, in the North West Gemsa Concession, the Gulf of Suez. The implementation of this $12 million project is part of the company's new plan for the fiscal year of 2010-2011.

     "The company aims at increasing the production rates of crude oil and natural gas from the NW Gemsa," a top official told Egypt Oil & Gas. "Currently, the average oil production rate counts for nine thousand barrels per day, from the Korayem layers in the Amir and Geyad fields. Moreover, a total of 2.6bmillion barrels of crude oil were produced at the end of last fiscal year 2009-2010."

     The company conducted several studies that showed the possibility to double the volume of crude oil reserves and increase the current production rates. PetroAmir is the Joint venture company between the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and the Greek Vegas Oil & Gas.

Qatar: Chevron, GreenGulf to Invest $20m to Set Up Solar Energy Facility

( - January 12, 2011)   


Qatar emblem

     Chevron and GreenGulf have completed a joint study agreement to test solar energy at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). Together Chevron and GreenGulf will invest up to $20m to establish and operate a 35,000 m2 solar test facility at QSTP. They will evaluate a variety of photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies, to identify those that work best in Qatar's desert climate. Their measurements of solar insolation in Qatar will also aid the planning and development of local solar energy projects.


     The two companies - Chevron Qatar Energy Technology QSTP-B, an affiliate of Chevron Corporation, and GreenGulf Inc QSTP-B, a Qatar-based renewable energy and clean technology company - established a memorandum of understanding in April 2011 the project. The collaboration was finalised last week through the signing of the agreement. Preparation of the test site has commenced, and it is planned to be operational by December 2011.

Iraq Prepares to Open Bidding of Oil Licenses to 45 Companies

( January 13, 2011)

Iraq Flag


     Iraq's oil ministry said Thursday it is preparing to open up a fourth round of bidding to 45 companies to invest in Iraq's gas and crude oil reserves. Abdul-Karim Eleibi, told the German Press Agency dpa that 12 areas for exploration will be discussed in the coming weeks. "The fourth round will be dedicated to the exploration of Iraq's oil reserves and to increasing gas production rates," he said.  He also said that Iraq is working to export more than 4.5 million barrels per day (bpd).


      Just a day earlier, the ministry announced that the oil-rich nation will boost its production of crude oil to 3 million bpd before the end of 2011, up from the current rate of 2.1 million bpd. In the last round of contracts awarded in September, a number of foreign investors secured deals in Iraq worth billions of dollars in both the infrastructure and energy sectors.


      Iraq announced last year that it has around 143 billion barrels of crude oil reserves, about 24 per cent more than previous estimates. Iraq has the world's fourth largest crude oil reserves, behind Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Canada.

Cashed-up BHP Ready to Splurge

( January 2, 2011)
BHP Billiton

     There are about 20 exploration companies in the US market on its watch list, writes Barry FitzGerald. BHP Billiton petroleum chief executive Mike Yeager is rightly proud of the division's top-of-industry performance in achieving an average 11 per cent growth rate in production since the 2007 financial year.

     But the outlook for the next four years is not so rosy. If anything, BHP's annual oil production could well flatline at its current 160 million barrels of oil equivalent until at least 2015, according to some analysts' forecasts.

     That could all change should BHP do what is expected by devoting a chunk of its growing pile of cash to a meaningful oil and gas acquisition, with more than 20 independent exploration and production (E&P) companies in the US market on its watch list.

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Egyptian Gas to Reach Turkey via Syria

( - December 29, 2010)

  Egyptian flag small 
     Syria's Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Sufian Allawi stated that the Egyptian gas would reach Turkey via Syria at the beginning of next year through the four outlets of the Arab Gas Pipeline. 

     By this, the transfer of the Arab gas to Europe is ensured. He mentioned that "the Arab Gas Pipeline is extending from al Arish (Egypt) to Aqaba, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon," adding that the transfer of the Arab gas to Europe via Turkey will be in accordance with the contracts agreed upon with the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. 

     The Arab gas pipeline project is extending up to 600 km to in the Syrian territory coming from Egypt via Jordan and Turkey to reach a total length of 1200 km.Egypt announced in June its intention to enter into agreements with Syria which will requires the increase of the quantity of Egyptian natural gas supplied to Syria via the Arab gas pipeline project. This is in addition to the deal signed by Syria and Egypt last year, which includes the supply of gas to Lebanon via the Arab Gas Pipeline.



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Egypt: PetroAmir to Invest $12 million in the GoS
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