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Our townhouse staff is all geared up to attend to all of your cats needs while boarding this summer! YOU CAN RELAX too knowing your cats will not exposed to barking dogs and will be under the watchful eye of our veterinarians to address any medical issues should they arise. We still have some spaces left for summer but be sure to get your reservation in as soon as you can to ensure availability! 


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The Hagen Cat It Fountain is a great new way to give your cats fresh water. It features a circulating pump that filters debris from the water and has a sleek, attractive design. Also, your cat won't need to stoop to drink as the drinking area of the fountain is raised off of the floor. 
   SALE $27.99     (reg $34.99)

Abo Happy Habitat and Fun Run are two great outdoor enclosures for your cats. They are safe, well-made and an excellent way to provide mental stimulation for your felines.
Happy Habitat SALE $59.19 (reg $73.99)
Fun Run  SALE $39.99 (not pictured, reg $49.99) 
Give your cat a fresh summer look while helping to keep them safe with a brand new collar! All collars, harnesses, leashes and ID tags are on sale. We stock
many styles of safety release collars and lots of different types of walking harnesses to fit your needs. Various prices - all 20% OFF
All sale prices limited to stock on hand.
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Need something from our store but can't get in to pick it up? 
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from over 80 highly sought after items from our clinic store. Also, please let us know if there are
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Beware Of A Silent Cat Killer


For cats, high blood pressure is a very dangerous and often life threatening health concern, as it commonly remains unnoticed until they become suddenly blind or have a stroke. It is therefore very important that cats, especially cats 10 years of age and older, have their blood pressure checked at their semi-annual or annual exams. In fact, in the last month we have seen two cases of hypertension that had gone unnoticed and caused blindness.   


Depending on other illness that may be present, hypertension in cats can be effectively controlled with a medication called amlodipine. Even just a fraction of this tiny tablet given on a daily basis can be life-saving for a cat with high blood pressure!


There are many dangerous myths about high blood pressure in people and non-human animals. According to the American Heart Association, the worst myth of all is that there are symptoms associated with climbing blood pressure. Hypertension is silent. This means that there are no obvious symptoms until a hypertensive crisis occurs. In a hypertensive crisis permanent physical damage can occur including blindness. Headaches, severe anxiety, shortness of breath, and nosebleeds are also symptoms in a crisis.


Because silent hypertension is so very dangerous, the goal is always to catch high blood pressure before a crisis occurs and physical damage is done. This is precisely why our human physicians check our blood pressure at routine check-ups, and why your cats veterinarian recommends routine blood pressure checks as well. For more information click here >


 With an exam and mention of this Mewsletter


Not all veterinary hospitals are equipped to take blood pressure for cats. Measuring blood pressure

is more complicated to do on cats than in humans 

but at Cats Exclusive we feel it is well worth it to 

keep tabs on this very important health indicator.


$15 Reg $30
Offer expires 8/31

Health Alert


This past spring, we saw several cases of flea product toxicity in cats. Without exception, the toxicities have occurred with pyrethroid-containing, over-the-counter flea treatments. Some were due to overdoses (a dog product applied to a cat), but some have occurred even when used as directed. We strongly urge cat owners to avoid use of any topical pyrethrin or pyrethroid-containing flea preventative, despite the wide availability of such products. Specific pyrethroids to avoid include: etofenprox, permethrin, and phenothrin. There are more effective and safer alternatives for your kitty, including Vectra and Revolution which we offer here at Cats Exclusive. Vectra is available in our clinic store and Webstore and Revolution by prescription. To read more about safe and effective flea control click here.
is off & running!

Running after laser pointers, food puzzles and feather wands, that is. All cats who enrolled in our new Weight Loss Boot Camp program by May 31st are competing for prizes and the title of "Feline Biggest Loser" to be awarded in September. The program was designed by our DVMs to educate clients about the dangers of feline obesity and to assist them in achieving a safe and healthy weight loss for their kitties.  

With 9 contestants vying for the title, each cat has been provided with a diet and exercise program tailored specifically for them by their veterinarian. Each cat also has their own nurse-coach who is in contact on a regular basis to help the cat reach their weight goals. One of the contestants has already lost a pound in less than a month, (similar to a human losing 15 lbs) and many of the cats have found a new love for the food puzzles. While the deadline for entering the contest has passed, you can still take advantage of our Feline Weight Loss Boot Camp: where every overweight cat who loses becomes a winner!


Missed the first go round?      


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Fat Cat Boot Camp

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Saint Francis Cat Needs Home
This very sweet, 3 year old kitty was relinquished by her family who were unable to care for severe lacerations from a probable dog attack that required surgery. Fortunately, being housed in a veterinary hospital without dog smells and sounds
around and a cat-loving staff is reducing her stress and helping the healing process. Can you imagine how frightened a cat would be, particularly after being attacked by a dog, in an environment where they feel trapped with dogs around? With the help of our Saint Francis fund we were able to provide Cutti hospitalization and a life saving surgery. We expect her to have a full recovery and anticipate she will be ready to go to a new home very soon. If you or anyone you know would be interested in possible adoption please let us know.

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