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May 2012

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HOA Interests in Conflict



The headlines read, "Politician Denies Conflict of Interest Allegations." What exactly is "conflict of interest" and how can you avoid one? A conflict of interest is "a situation in which a person such as a public official, employee or board member has a personal interest sufficient to influence the objective exercise of official duties." There are three key elements in this definition: 

Prepare Now for Pool Season


It won't be long until family barbeques, swim parties and backyard fun become weekly occurrences.  
Take time now to make sure that your pool area is safe, your water is sparkling and the motor is running efficiently. Follow these easy steps to a safe and happy summer in your community and backyard: 
Secure the pool. A good fence is essential to safety.  

HOA, Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities



The issue of rental units within a homeowners association (HOA) can strike a chord among homeowners-both for and against. But if your HOA allows units to be rented or leased, you should be aware of the rights and responsibilities of everyone involved.  HOAs need to adopt standard policies when dealing with renters, including how tenants 


How to Attract HOA Volunteers



Perfume has been used for thousands of years to attract the object of its desire. Oh, that it were so easy to attract volunteers to a homeowner association's board or committees. Just spritz some Eau de Volunteer in the air and watch them flood through the door! Okay, not so much but here are some suggestions that really do  


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One of the best things about renting an apartment, condo, or single family home is that if something breaks, it's the landlord's responsibility to fix it.But, before you feel too secure, you need to ask yourself just how protected you really are. What if you are burglarized? What if something catches fire or a pipe bursts and your expensive stuff is  

Home flippers buy dilapidated houses, fix them up, then sell them again as quickly as possible with the intention of making a tidy profit. Flipped houses look shiny and new inside, but what's going on underneath all the new drywall, carpet, and paint. Very few home buyers seem to trust flippers, and with the cheesy "repairs" or

In case you hadn't heard, Las Vegas grew a bit over the past 40 years.
Now NASA has found a way to illustrate that eruption in less than a minute.Using detailed satellite images from the agency's Landsat program, the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland has created a video charting the valley's sprawl from 1972 through 2010.

After months of open house tours, private appointments with your agent and looking at listings online, you've found the home of your dreams. You've written an offer and maybe even gone through a few rounds of counter offers with the seller. You and the seller have come to terms at  

It's difficult to decide where to look first when stepping out of the private elevator that leads into shoe heiress-turned-songwriter Denise Rich's New York City penthouse apartment. A multimillion dollar art collection that includes an Andy Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe and a Roy Lichtenstein sculpture grace the grand parlor, while the  

It's the magic phrase uttered by almost anyone who's ever considered the cost of home remodeling: "We'll get it back when we sell."
Unless you keep those projects practical, though, you might just be kidding yourself. For example: Steel front door: Good. Master suite addition costing more than the average American home: 





Take one minute to update yourself on what's happening in your housing world.


Representation has its Rewards


Terra West

welcomes these

new Associations

to the family! 


Black Mountain


Chalet Village Resort Condominiums
Phase A 
Owners Association 
(Brian Head, UT)
These proud associations know that community management is about building relationships that build communities. 
We are pleased they have selected Terra West as their partner! 



St. George, UT


St. George, Utah 
The swim will be held at Sand Hollow Reservoir and the bike and run course offers spectacular views of downtown St. George, Snow Canyon and Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  
Saturday, May 5 
Sand Hollow  
State Park, 
4405 West 3600 South 
Take a look at the incredible video.




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