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Welcome to our 2nd monthly newsletter which is aimed at offering an informative easy read. This month we are offering advice on storage and what you should expect from a specialist shipper.
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If is reassuring to know that your object's are safe with Alban Shipping
What you should expect and is offered by Alban Shipping

  • A modern warehouse facility which is approved by the MLA for works of art covered by Government Indemnity Scheme with strong physical security ,complemented by modern intruder and fire protection systems, which are continuously monitored.
  • Trained personnel providing a full range of services, including receiving, unpacking, condition reporting, and specialist fine art handling using the appropriate equipment .
  • Long or Short Term Storage
  • Delivery and Collection Services anywhere in the UK, Nationwide removal service.
  • Competitive Storage Rates
  • Unlimited Access during Business Hours
  • Friendly and Professional Service Guaranteed!
Within our warehouse we have several levels of storage available and dependant upon your requirements, such as length of storage, nature of the objects and your budgets we offer the following :-

Security sealed wooden containers
Stacked Crates Providing the best protection for your objects which remain packed and protected at the most economical rate.

The containers are clean, secure and ideal for long-term storage situations, as all goods are loaded into containers either at your residence or at store and everything remains sealed from that moment until the day it is returned,normally on our purpose made vehicle.
Metal Containerized & Caged storage facilities
Metal Container Easy access, high security, self storage to your possessions It  is suitable where you need to be able to take individual items out during the storage period. You have your own key to your storage unit. Within the secure storage area we offer shelves / racking  to house your object(s).Cage

Climate control storage facilities
Climate control room Climate controlled space offers greater protection if you will be storing your items for a longer period of time, but usually come at an additional cost. You may be able to save money by splitting up your belongings and only keeping the most sensitive items in a climate controlled space. Our humidity and temperature controlled storage room provides protection for heat or cold sensitive objects goods such as antiques and works of art.

We offer storage under Climate control in a separate room up to 100 cubic metres.

Our fundamental design parameters for relative humidity are between 45% and 55% and a temperature of between 18 and 22 degrees is controlled throughout the year, allowing seasonal fluctuations between the two extremes, but holding daily fluctuations to +/- 5 degrees

Bonded Warehouse (Duty & Vat Free facilities)
Our warehouse is approved by HM Revenue & Customs for the deposit, keeping and securing of goods liable to excise duty, without payment of that duty.

For our clients - We offer free storage for items which are being purchased over a period of time who are consolidating towards a larger consignment to ship with ourselves in the future. With prompt collection anywhere in the UK we avoid any after-sale storage charges with auction houses, provide you  with an up date inventory and you have the assurance that your objects are carefully stored in our secure warehouse.

Dealers - Why not let Alban Shipping hold your entire inventoried stock., use your PC as shop window and our warehouse facilities to hold your entire stock. With your instructions we can despatch same day worldwide.

Why not contact us with your requirements and see how we can assist you.

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If you would like to talk to us about any of our warehouse services, call us now on 01582 493099 or send me an email and I will contact you shortly.

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