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Happy New Year

We hope that you are having a great Happy New Year.

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If you have not registered yet, we hope that you will register very soon - you can do it right now on line It will ask you for your permanent ID. It is on your membership card, but you dont need that, just your birthdate will help you register. Over 5,400 have registered with Pacific Masters. (Numbers by team at the end of the email).

Jon Steiner Memorial Mile

The Tamalpias Aquatic Masters agains is organizing the Jon Steiner Memorial Mile. The mile (either the 1650 Yards or 1500 Meters) can be swum any time until 28 February. You must have a 2011 USMastesr Swimming to be eligible to participate.

The TOC 1500

The Olympic Club is again organizing the TOC 1500. The 1500 is swum at the very fast Olympic Club pool. This meet is preseeded and you are encouraged to enter on-line.

Trans Tahoe Relay

The Trans Tahoe Relay registration will start this weekend. This is a very poplular meet that meets fills up very quickly. It is time to put together your team for the July relay.

Swim the USMS Postal Mile at Strawberry Canyon

Registration available between 12/23-01/09:
 B1 Jan 9 @ 10:30am

B2 Jan 9 @ 11:50am
Registration available between 01/02-01/30:

Questions? Contact Danski Perez at danskiperez@berkeley.edu .

Fog City Quadrathon

The FOG City Quadrathon will be held at the Herbst Natatorium on the St Ignatius College Prep Campus in San Francisco. The Quadrathon is the 500 YD, 100 YD, 200 YD and 50 YD and will be held on Sunday 23 January.

Thoughts and Prayers

Please keep Regina Brittingham in your thoughts and prayers. She recently went underwent surgery at Stanford.

* * * *

If your club is having an event, please send me the information. I will try to put it in the Update. Swimming is a very much a community, if you have any item that should be in the "Thoughts and Prayers" part of the Update, please send it.

Registered Swimmers by club

Here are the number of registered swimmers by club. Currently we have about 5,500 registered swimmers for 2011.
DAM 417
TCAM 345
STAN 298
WCM 208
MAM 183
CRUZ 174
MVM 164
MELO 160
SCSC 150
USF 150
TEME 137
TSUN 134
SMMM 116
SERC 111
MAAC 109
PCAM 108
BAY 101
SCAM 100
TVM 99
BAC 93
SNM 90
AAM 81
DC 68
TAM 67
TOC 67
NBA 61
MPM 55
OAM 54
SRM 54

Swimmers can go on line to Club Assistant to see who is registered with a club, you can just click on your club. These are on line real time results, making it very easy to see who is registered.


Michael Moore
Pacific Masters Swimming

This the first time using this interface for the Update. It is fun to use and lends itself to a little tweaking.