The Latest Offers from Plum Communications August 2009 

Plum Communications is an accrediated Business Partner of Avaya

This month's Avaya IP Office offers
0% Finance Scheme
FREE 60 Day License Trials
NEW IP Office Software: Release 5
IP Office Trade Up Program
Save money on your lines and calls with Plum!
Switch your lines to Plum by 31st August and get...
FREE Premium Call Rate Barring
FREE Phone Bill Analysis
 FREE Fax to Email Number
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Successful companies are always looking for new ways to do more with less - keeping their business flexible, innovative and competitive without driving up operating costs and capital expenses.  Avaya puts the solution at your fingertips: the Avaya IP Office communications system.
Why Avaya IP Office?
Avaya is the right choice for any small businesses regardless of:
  • Number of employees
  • How old they are
  • Number of sites or stores
  • Company goals
  • Company budget
  • Individual employee needs
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Guide to the Avaya IP Office
This month we are pleased to offer you the following Avaya Offers:
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anchor010% Finance Scheme
(Extended to 30th September 2009)
"Beat the Economic Blues with Avaya IP Office and
Save Cash on your telecom expenses"
Get the technology that your business needs and not what your budget dictates!

0% Finance is brought to you by Avaya Financial Services (AFS) and is specifically targeted at the market-leading Avaya IP Office telephony range with VoiceMail Pro and the approach could not be simpler...

Work with Plum Communications to tailor the installation to match your specific needs then spread the costs over a three year period with 0% interest and no upfront charges to pay.
  • Maximise the buying power of your budget
  • Easy budgeting
  • Save Working Capital
  • Technology refresh options
For more information please click here
anchor02FREE 60 Day License Trials - Try Before You Buy IP Office Applications
Avaya provides customers with the opportunity to try out a selection of IP Office applications before they buy. These license keys provide the ability to use IP Office applications for a period of 60 days from the date of its generation.
Such IP Office applications include:
  • Voicemail
  • Conferencing Center
  • SoftConsole
  • Phone Manager
  • Mobile Twinning
  • SIP Trunking
  • Voice Networking
  • Single orderable item for each application that enables the operation of IP Office applications for 60 days.
  • Ordered through ADI and available with certificates.
  • Trial to operate from the generation date of the license.
  • Trial license will not be invoiced.
    Evaluate features and benefits of IP Office applications before committing to purchase.
For more information please click here
anchor03NEW IP Office Software: Release 5
Enhanced customer service, cost savings, simplicity
Plum are pleased to announce the general availability of Avaya's IP Office Release 5 software. IP Office Release 5 introduces new features to enhance customer service, reduce expenses, and simplify maintenance and serviceability. IP Office now adheres to a simple 3 step  user-centric model that consists of the following components:

  1. IP Office system platform, trunks and phones
  2. System Licenses, known collectively as Group Collaboration (IP Office Essential Edition, IP Office Preferred Edition, IP Office Advanced Edition)
  3. User productivity solutions (Mobile Worker, Tele Worker, Power User, Receptionist, Customer Service Agent, Customer Service Supervisor)
  • Simplification of Licenses
  • Enhanced user interface on phones for increased functionality
  • Supports Fax over SIP trunking
  • Enhancements to Phone Support
  • Support SIP phone extensions
  • Customer Call Reporter
  • one-X Portal for IP Office (for an online demonstration of the new 'one-X Portal' please click here
  • Dial by name for Embedded Voicemail
For more information please click here
anchor04IP Office Trade Up Program
(1st September till 30th November 2009) 
Replace your current hardware with up to date technology!
Plum are pleased to announce the IP Office Trade Up Program which allows customers with existing phone systems to trade up to an IP Office System.  The IP Office System is already great value but the additional discount available under the Trade Up Program makes trade up a more attractive proposition and increases the return on investment in new technology.
The program will run from 1 September 2009 until 30 November

Systems available for the Trade Up Program are:

  • Avaya Network Alchemy - all variants
  • Avaya IP Office - all variants
  • Nortel Norstar - all variants
  • Siemens
  • Ericsson - all variants
  • Panasonic - all variants
  • Other products at discretion of Plum Communications
  • Trade Up to the latest technology at lower cost
  • Benefit from the latest time saving technology
  • Remote working for teleworkers
  • Voicemail
  • Direct Dialling to individuals
For more information please click here
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