Plum Email 2 June 2009

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*** Important changes to 0870 numbers - PLEASE READ ***
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Are you interested in...
  • Low cost broadband on the move?
  • A free laptop or BlackBerry Curve with your broadband?
  • Tracking the whereabouts of your sales team or engineers?
  • Controllling the fuel costs for your company's vehicles?
  • Low cost mobile phone rental without a long term contract?
  • Free calls between company mobiles?
  • Saving money on calls to 08 numbers from your mobile?
  • Saving money on calls to international landline and mobile numbers?

    We can help you achieve these benefits this month through the following products and services: Mobile Broadband, Mobile Phone Tracking, Plum Mobile, Plum Mobile Saver

    Interested in any of these services? Scroll down the page for more information, or feel free to contact us on the above details. All prices shown in this email are subject to VAT.

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  • anchor01Mobile Broadband
    Mobile BroadbandWhether you want low cost and reliable broadband in your home, office, on the move, or need a backup to your home or work Internet...our mobile broadband is an ideal solution. With various mobile broadband packages available, Plum can accommodate for your mobile broadband needs. Plum can provide USB dongles which, when plugged into the USB port of your laptop or desktop computer, offers broadband provides a monthly data allowance of 3GB or 9GB on the move. We can also provide wired or wireless routers for your current broadband Internet with pre-installed SIM cards, which act as a backup to your existing broadband, so you will always be online.
    • No need for cables
    • Widespread broadband coverage with 3G or WiFi
    • No connection fee
    • Use it on the move
    • Easy to install
    • High 9GB data allowance (3GB also available if required)
    • FREE laptop and/or Blackberry Curve (on certain deals only)

    For information on our 4 latest mobile broadband offers please click here. To order any of these offers, please fill out and fax back this form.

    anchor02Mobile Phone Tracking 
    Plum Communications - Product Offers February 2009With this mobile phone software you can view the locations of your workers from a portal viewable on any web browser, search any address in Western Europe, create geofences on a map (so you can monitor when a worker enters and leaves a certain area), download historical data into an Excel file, and as additional add-ons, you can add a panic alarm service for lone workers and send out job dispatches via a mobile handset.
    • No need to change mobile handset or network - Users can use the software whilst staying with their existing handsets and network (click here for compatible handsets)
    • Duty of care
    • Control fuel costs
    • Reduce your company's carbon footprint
    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Improve customer services
    • Business reporting
    For more information please click here
    anchor03Plum Mobile
    Plum MobileWhether you want a mobile phone for a month, low cost monthly rental or free calls between company mobiles, Plum can accommodate for you different mobile needs. We can also review existing mobile usage and invoices (most usually provide cost savings when compared to the existing tariff) and provide mobile data with either a compatible handset, a memory card or a USB stick.

    • Cost reduction
    • Free advice
    • Mobile data
    • Email on the move
    • Flexibility  - Plum offer 3 mobile phone packages to accommodate for different needs.
      1.     Plum Mobile Business Budget (no long term contract)
      2.     Plum Mobile Business Saver (low cost line rental)
      3.     Plum Mobile Business Call Group (free calls between company mobiles)

    For more information please click here

    anchor04Plum Mobile Saver
    Plum Mobile SaverSave money on your mobile phone calls to 08 and international numbers with our free mobile phone software.  This software re-routes 08 numbers to local 01/02 numbers, so you pay lower call rates.
    • No need to change mobile handset or network - Users can use the software whilst staying with their existing handsets and network (click here for compatible handsets)
    • Cost reduction - calls to 0844/0845 numbers at 8.73p per minute, calls to 0870 numbers at 13p per minute, local calls costing less than 5.5p per minute and calls to other European countries for under 6p per minute
    • No contract - there is no initial free and monthly rental, you only pay for the cost of calls.
    For more information please click here
    Anchor05Important Changes to 0870 Numbers
    Following a review by Ofcom the charging method for 0870 numbers will change from 1st August 2009. From that
    date there will be a charge made on the person calling an 0870 number (Origination) and another charge raised
    on the person receiving the call (Termination).

    Origination - From 1st August 2009 Plum will charge 2p per
    minute for calls made to 0870 numbers from fixed landlines.

    Termination - From 1st August 2009 Plum customers will be charged 2p per minute for incoming calls on their 0870 numbers.
    For more information or to discuss your options do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 622 3500 or visit
    Peter Savic 
    plum communications ltd
    Bright Street
    OL8 4AB 
    t: 0161 622 3500
    f: 0161 622 3501
    effective communications for business
    P.S. Is your business relocating, expanding or changing?
    Plum can provide a confidential review of your current services and future requirements to help you make informed choices.