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Audio Conferencing, Headsets, Vehicle Tracking, Website DesignDo you want to be more environmentally friendly?
Do you want to reduce travel costs for meetings?
Do you want increased productivity from your staff? 
Do you want to track the whereabouts of your sales team or engineers? 
Do you want a website with good search engine optimisation?
Do you want to be able to modify your website without the need to learn programming skills?
If your answer to any of these questions is YES then we can help you.  This month we are offering you audio conferencing, headsets, and a vehicle tracking service, as well as website design.  Click on the product or service name in the previous sentence to view more information about each.
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Peter Savic
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N03Audio Conferencing
Environmentally Friendly
The acceleration in carbon dioxide emissions is principally due to the surging use of cars and planes. Emissions from road traffic are also seriously affecting the environment and are the main cause of poor air in towns and cities. Numerous reports recommended the use of teleconferencing as a means of reducing travel and minimising the impact on the environment. Many face-to-face meetings can be replaced by virtual meetings, such as teleconferences.

Increased Productivity 
Audio conferencing can save your business time as no travel time is required for attendees to be present at an audio conference, its instantaneous.  Less time travelling frees up time, which helps to ensure that the decision making process becomes a lot faster, meaning that productivity levels increase in a shorter length of time.
Reduced Travel Costs
This reduced travel time for meetings means that rather than having to pay large sums of money for first class train tickets, petrol money or even plane tickets, travel costs are minimal.  Similarly, spreading the attendees across different locations can save you money elsewhere, as there are no set-up or pay-per-use costs, and you don't need to hire out expensive conference rooms.
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Reduced muscle tension
'Phone neck' is an injury caused by extended use of a telephone handset. Holding a phone between head and shoulder for as little as 2 hours a day increases muscle tension dramatically, and can lead to long term damage.  New research from the University of Surrey, has proved that using headsets can reduce neck, shoulder and upper back muscle tension, making you altogether more healthy, and relaxed.
Smarter work
Research carried out by HB Maynard & Co proved that headsets can provide an overall productivity increase of up to 43%, by reducing the time taken to key in information or to reference material, the number of errors made in typing or writing and levels of fatigue. The study also proved that Plantronics headsets allowed users to make significantly more calls per day than a conventional handset user.
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N01Vehicle Tracking
You can get the information you need about the whereabouts of your drivers as quickly and easily as possible. You can build the reports in an easy-to-view format as required, or schedule them to be delivered on email as required - the choice is yours. Numerous types of reports are available. 
Nearest vehicle search
You can see your vehicles in real time on street level maps or satellite images, in order to ensure you have real visibility of your fleet. Simplicity is key, so the system is easy to use with simple features, such as nearest vehicle search, live alert watchboxes and real time speeds.
Real time alerts when your vehicles enter user defined areas. If you would like an automatic alert when your drivers arrive at a delivery point, arrive home, reach site or are near to base - geofences can give you what you need plus more.

Web solutions
Access your fleet online via our Online AVL range of software. This offers true portability, combined with exceptional functionality and security. As the system is web based all future mapping and software updates are provided automatically.
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PlumInWebsite Design
Manual free zone
You'll find you can use our CMS (content management system) without learning any new skills at all. If you can use the web, you'll be fine.

Full phone support
We appreciate how reassuring it is to have your call answered by a UK based human being 24/7, so you can call us anytime, we're here for you.

Constant improvement
We actively encourage customers to get in contact with their feedback and recommendations for the CMS, so that we can improve it for everyone.
With password protection and our secure hosting locations, your website and CMS is highly secure.
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Our websites are built in a way so that they are highly visible to search engines, so they will therefore attract more visitors.
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