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For a limited time, F.I.R.E is offering 2 FIT spots for the price of one.  That's right, enroll at regular price for one FIT spot and have a friend attend for free.  OR, split the cost between the two of you. 


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Upcoming FireWalk FIT& EFIT Events


fire burn

NLP Certification and Life Coach Seminar
Flower Mound, TX
09/14/2011 - 09/17/2011

Flower Mound, TX

Sacred Path's Mens Retreat
Woodland Hills, CA.
10/20/2011 - 10/23/2011
The Midlands, UK
11/10/2011 - 11/13/2011

RITOS DE ABUNDANCIA Seminario de Auto Crecimiento
Madrid, Spain

Flower Mound, TX


Flower Mound, TX

Sydney, Australia
03/22/2012 - 03/25/2012

Flower Mound, TX


Flower Mound, TX
Madrid, Spain
05/10/2012 - 05/14/2012


The Midlands, UK
07-11-2012 - 07/14/2012 







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Need FIT Supplies?

 Many of our recent FIT graduates are asking about where to get supplies such as Arrows, Apparel, Glass Kits, and Books.  F.I.R.E. has your supplies.  Simply contact us via email at or via phone at 800-218-0055 for pricing and availability.  All supplies are shipped day of purchase. 

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Coach Traub's Mental Skills Training = Performance Enhancement and Personal Growth
Coach Traub


Coach Traub's mission is to over-deliver value on goods and services designed to help you "win" the mental side of the game.


Today's Mental Skills Tip - You display amazing courage in many circumstances. Let us not downplay it's importance, though, in everything we do. Courage is the strength of will to do what is difficult. When courage and motivation are combined, mountains will be overcome one step at a time, and then look like molehills in the distance behind you.  Without courage, even a molehill is insurmountable. With courage, an ingrown toenail is irrelevant during a performance. Without courage, the injured athlete loses intensity, focus, and balance. Without courage, adversity is bad and represents the end of the road. With courage, adversity is actually sought out because mistakes are viewed as critical components for growth and happiness. With the courage to admit mistakes, weaknesses become strengths. Without it, weaknesses continue unabated or even grow until they blow up in your face. With courage, we can create new habits and make excellence second nature. Without it, we can make excuses. Without courage, the fear of failure can debilitate. With it, fear helps us push our own limits and reach new heights of personal or human achievement. This is because courage reveals fear and pressure for what they really are: the shadows of great opportunities.


This is why Winston Churchill said, "Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning."  If motivation and courage are sufficient, you will find a way!   Coaching Point - Remind your players that they can either find a way or they can find an excuse, but they can't do both. Then encourage them every day to have the courage to eliminate excuses and find a way to give their best effort, one drill/task/play at a time. Then accept whatever happens without getting emotional about it and find a way to do it (give their best effort one play at a time) again.

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Change Negative to Positive


I dont know if I can do it -- I know I can give my best effort.


It's too hard -- No Pain, no gain.                                   


No way. The odds are against us -- The odds are against us.. which is just the way I like it.


I don't need to listen to him because I've always done it this way -- That's different.  Ill consider it because I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done.


If I stay in front of it, and get a bad hop, the ball could break my nose -- We're not gonna lose because I'm scared.  I will find a way to give my best effort.


It would be horrible to lose this one -- We have a great opportunity to win this one.


What will he think -- What will I think of my effort and performance


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The Men's Center of Los Angeles, 24th Annual Sacred Path Men's Retreat.

Have you ever felt that you have a need to be connected to another person?  Do you feel you have an inner strength and connection that you want to share with others?


F.I.R.E. is please to partner with The Men's Center of Los Angeles at their 24th Annual Sacred Path Men's Retreat.  Join us on this amazing life adventure.  CLICK HERE for further details and registration, or email us at or call us at 

800-218-0055 for additional information.


What is The Men's Center of Los Angeles Sacred Path Men's Retreat? 


The Sacred Path Men's Retreat is a four-day experience that offers a safe place to discover your authentic self within a context of love, acceptance and understanding. It is an adventure that begins with you making the choice. 


An uncommon experience of unconditional acceptance, an illumination of your spiritual essence, compassion for other men and a deepened awareness of your true self. The Sacred Path Retreat was created almost 20 years ago so that good men could gather to make a positive difference in their own lives. The belief is that once that occurred those same men would choose to make a positive difference in the lives of others and that is what we have found to be true.


- Dr. Stephen J. Johnson, Executive Director, Men's Center of Los Angeles.




The UK Midlands 2011 FIT was a huge success.  Students learned techniques necessary to facilitate their own motivational seminars.  Skills learned included firewalking preparation, tendering, walking and deconstruction, glasswalk, arrow break, steal bar bend, board and brick breaking and low ropes exercises.  Due to extreme interest in UK FIT events, an additional event has been scheduled:


November 10th, through November 13th, 2011.  Visit our site HERE or contact us at




Robert Allen, Claire Brummell, Gita Curniffe, Richard Griffiths, George Hamilton, Alexandar (Alex) Hope, James Hunt, Brian Moore, Marc Schroder, Andrew "AJ" Silvers, and George Swift.



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F.I.R.E Growth Through Partnership

To grow the Institute, our goal is to develop master instructors around the globe. If you are located in Central or South America, Asia, Africa, or Australia, we're interested in coaching and developing you on your journey toward master status. As a master, you will be able to teach firewalking instructor training (FIT) courses locally and conduct re-certification classes as required for insurance. It's a great opportunity for you to gain advanced skills and develop new opportunities.

Lets partner together.  Contact us for more details at 800-218-0055 or

Points and Incentives
circle group

Implementing a points system is a very effective method to engage seminar participants.  The desire to earn points is highly motivating, for many people even more than money.  The team to earn the greatest number of points wins a prize.  This could take any number of forms; cash, travel, and adventure are some possibilities.  A prize can be both inexpensive and memorable.  The team with the fewest points wins something equally memorable and less pleasurable; they might have to clean up after the event, for example.  


Multi-day events can incorporate points status on a day-to-day basis, i.e. the winning team gets their dinner first, and the losing team gets to help clean up after dinner.  

A points system can add a lot of fun and excitement to your event.  Playing for points gets participants' attention, and is a great way to get them up and moving.  You might find the person in your audience who struggles to play full-out in your event; perhaps a CEO or a high-caliber professional.  Playing for points will help them let loose and commit to the moment.


Teams can compete for points many ways.  We play music and make our teams dance, and the team with the highest level of participation gets the points.  We quiz the teams on the material being presented at the seminar and give them points on subject matter comprehension/retention.  We devise different contests, like "which team can find the hidden object first".  Points are a great way to engage your audience, and a fun creative expression for the facilitator.  Your participants will always remember your points games, which will serve as solid anchors in their memories for your subject matter.