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SCV Youth Project's mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where teens and families are strengthened, empowered and equipped with the tools they need to live successful and fulfilling lives.

We change lives of youth, parents, and families. We are easily accessible to all through:
- Crisis Intervention              - Peer Mentoring
- Parent Support                   - Group Counseling

It's OK to ask for help.... We will be there.
Year in Review!
Hello Supporters!
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The Youth Project ended the school year with a bang!  We proudly provided more than 1,900 hours of direct services (one-one peer mentoring and support groups) to more that 300 students.  We touched the lives of more than 4,000 students with outreach, education and crisis intervention, and more than 15,000 students received the fry card (which provide students with crisis hotline information and a chance for free fries at our local McDonald's) - thanks Schutz Family!

More than 20 different support groups were facilitated at more than half of the schools we work with ... We made hundreds of presentations on peer pressure, bullying, drugs/alcohol, depression & suicide, just to name a few ... Requests for Teen 411 (awareness campaigns discussing:  anti-smoking, child obesity, sexual assault, drunk driving, etc.) were at an all time high and we proudly added Castaic Middle School to the list of schools we serve - we are now providing services to every school in the Hart School District! 

We witnessed as our teens struggled with life's obstacles (grief & loss, depression, anger, goal setting, relationships, body image, drugs/alcohol, teen pregnancy, physical/emotional abuse, and the list goes on) and then we cheered for them when they achieved their goals and conquered their fears.  We listened with open hearts and helped guide them through murky waters.  But the praise goes to them.  We are constantly impressed with the courage that these young adults demonstrate, when they show up week after week to talk, share, grow and succeed.

And as the Youth Project celebrates 10 years of serving the teens and their families of Santa Clarita, we couldn't be more proud of the students we work with - seeing the looks on their faces, when they realize their potential and their ability to be healthy, strong young adults - is incredibly rewarding.

Thank you for letting us continue to be of service, and we will see you in the Fall!

All Best,
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Kim Goldman, Executive Director

Staffing Changes
It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Gina Yates (Peattie), who moved back home to NY with her husband James in June.

Gina served as our Director of Programs for three years, and did an incredible job of managing the staff, creating new curricula, developing new programs, maintaining a caseload of students, keeping the office in order, and so much more.  Gina was always willing to lend a hand or go outside the realm of her job duties, with no complaint and a smile on her face.

We wish her and James the best of luck on their new adventure and are deeply appreciative for the impact Gina has left on our agency and in the students that she worked with - she will be sorely missed!

To ease the sadness of Gina's departure ... we hired Christopher Harriot as Program Coordinator and we couldn't be more excited!

Christopher is a recent graduate of CSUN with his Masters Degree in Counseling,with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Chris also currently works as a child and family counselor with Valley Trauma Center, and in the past has been an Assistant Counselor at Zane Grey Continuation High School, a counseling fieldwork trainee at Burbank Elementary and at Valerio Primary Center, was a behaviorist working with high functioning autistic clients. 

Chris has jumped right in interviewing new staff for the upcoming school year, and making presentations to students in summer school.

We are excited to have Christopher on board!

Additionally, we are thrilled to welcome a few new board members:

Danica Lynch, Tri Star Home Loans
Jackie MacDougall,
Scott Schauer, Santa Clarita Soccer Center

Thanks for supporting the SCVYP and we look forward to working with you!

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10 year logo
The Youth Project would like to present our NEW logo ... officially unveiled at our 10 year celebration on May 20th - but for those that missed it ....

SCVYP Board of Directors & Advisory Committee

Chairman Emeritus
Cameron Smyth
Assemblyman, 38th Assembly District 

Executive Committee 

Gregg Goodman, President
Jerry Citarella, Vice President
Renee' Kaehny, Secretary
Tom Hough, Treasurer
Nancy Starczyk, Member at Large

Board of Directors

Margie Ann Clark
Steve Elzer
Maggi Havas
Jennifer Henningfield

Danica Lynch
Jackie MacDougall

Scott Schauer
Greg Wells

Advisory Committee

Stephanie English
John Lutz
Ed Masterson
Stacy Miller
Joshua Nowak
Keith Seals
Tony Tartaglia
Kevin Tonoian
Joe Trejo
Rosalind Wayman


If you would like to do more for the Youth Project, send us an email and let us know how you would like to help, we would love to hear from you. 


Support your favorite charity, while sipping your favorite coffee!  Buy your favorite coffee and a portion of your sale will benefit the SCVYP!

Newhall Coffee for A Cause Supports SCVYP

Schools Out! 

Happy Summer!!

Congratulations to the Class of 2010 and to the 8th grade "promotees" .... we are incredibly proud of you and all you have accomplished and we are so excited for the next phase of your adventure.  Whether it's being a freshmen in high school or at the college of your dreams, or if it's starting a new job in the career of your choice - this is a wonderful time in your young lives and we are honored to be a small part of it and wish you the best of luck.

And to the parents - congratulations for surviving another year of teenhood!  Our agency gets to work with all of the teens of Santa Clarita, so we are well versed in much of what they are feeling on a day to day basis, and what you, as the parent, are experiencing at home.  We get it and we applaud you for continuing to raise such great kids.

And as we sit here a few weeks into summer, some of you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the free time on your hands and what do to keep your kids occupied, safe, happy, healthy and maintain harmony in the family.  It doesn't have to be a scary thing to spend time with your teenagers or for your kids to "be seen" with their parents ...but in order for it to be a smooth ride, everyone has to be flexible and patient as you move through the next phase of teen life.

One thing we heard a lot from the kids we worked with, is that they felt alone and that nobody understands them!  We know, having been a teenager once, that those feelings can get really huge inside your head, if you don't express them and deal with them.  So what we tell the kids, is let your parents in ... trust them a little to understand because "yes, they were teenagers once too!"  And then we HOPE and encourage our parents are willing to listen, and not judge when their teenager finally is brave enough to ask questions about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Yes parents ... your kids are wondering about pot, smoking cigarettes or tasting vodka ... and yes, they are curious about kissing, sex and losing their virginity.  We know you are probably saying, "NOT MY KID" ... but truth is, it's ALL kids.  They are human and it's life.  We are not saying that ALL kids are engaging in the things they are curious about, but they are entertaining the thoughts.  So our suggestion to you, is try not to gasp to loudly when they open up and ask the questions you hoped they would never utter ... and then be cool.  Be human.  And treat their curiosity with respect; don't pretend you never did it when you were their age, because that could potentially perpetuate their feeling alone and that they are "weird" to be thinking about "taboo topics".  Your role as parent is to be their parent; set boundaries and expectations, explain to them that there are consequences for their behaviors, arm them with knowledge about the things they are asking (and if you don't know, say you don't know and then found out the answers together), and let them talk - you will learn a lot if you ask them questions too and then let them talk.

Kids are facing the same issues that were around years ago ... What do I want to be when I grow up? Why won't she talk to me?  Why did he break up with me?  Am I not pretty enough?  Skinny enough?  Fast enough?  Smart enough?   All of these questions, while the hormones and emotions are raging, is not an easy thing to handle. They are trying to understand their bodies and their brains, while they are trying to fit in, stand out and become independent.

Parents you have a tough job: to be their parent, disciplinarian, confidant, nurse, tutor, entertainment director, taxi cab driver, personal chef, ATM and every job in between - we recognize how hard this is for you.  Kids were not born with a manual on how to be a kid, any more than parents were given one on parenting; it's a never ending process and all of us are bound to make mistakes.  Hopefully, we can admit them, more forward and ask for guidance when we are in need.  The Youth Project focuses on healthy families, so if you need some suggestions, some support, anything ...let us know, and we will do our best to help!

Upcoming FUNdraising Events
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4th Annual Hold 'Em Not Hassle 'Em Poker Tourney

October 23, 2010

The TPC at Valencia

*** GRAND PRIZE:  2011 WSOP ENTRY ($1,500) ***



Thank you to our 2010 sponsors:  Vanacore Music,, Infinity Wealth Management, Gregg Goodman, Farmers Insurance, Trevor Rice of Stern, Kory, Sreden & Morgan,, Rituals Colour Salon, KHTS Hometown Station, Nancy Starczyk of Realty Executives, Danica Lynch of TriStar Home Loans, Santa Clarita Soccer Center and QM Design Group.

The Youth Project is active on the following campuses:

Arroyo Seco Junior High           La Mesa Junior High
Placerita Junior High                  Rancho Pico Junior High
Rio Norte Junior High                Sierra Vista Junior High
Castaic Middle School

Bowman High School                Canyon High School
Golden Valley High School       Hart High School
Saugus High School                    West Ranch High School
Valencia High School

Each school is participating in one or more of our FREE programs.  Call us for more information if you would like to request services.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

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Kim Goldman, Executive Director