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April 16, 2010  |  Issue 1.7



Leafy greens, like kale, Swiss chard, collards, spinach, and mustard greens, are some of the simplest and tastiest things you can cook.  They also happen to be at their seasonal peak right now, and are extra sweet and delicious.
Below, you'll find links to a basic recipe for sautéed greens with garlic, which will work for any kind of greens you buy.  (Sautéeing, by the way, is just cooking food in a frying pan with a little oil.)  You'll also find Step-By-Step guides for how to prep, wash, dry, and store leafy greens.  (The methods are similar to those for lettuces.)
There's an incredible selection of greens available now at local farmers markets, so be sure to pick some up!  And, on that note, if you happen to be at the Greenmarket in Union Square (NYC) on Fridays, there's a good chance you'll find me giving cooking demos for how to prepare simple veggie dishes, like sautéed greens.  Check out our website, follow us on Twitter, and become a fan on Facebook for updates and more info on where to find The Kitchenista!


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mealSauteed Greens with Garlic
Garlicky sautéed greens are one of the simplest (and tastiest) things you can make.  This recipe works for any kind of greens - kale, Swiss chard, spinach, collards, mustard greens, you name it!

How To Prep Leafy Greens
The stems from greens take a little longer to cook than the leafy parts, so it's best to cook them separately.  Here's a simple way to prep them.

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Tips & Guides
How to Wash Leafy Greens

No one likes sandy, grainy greens. Learn the best ways to clean greens in this step-by-step photo guide.

How to Dry & Store Leafy Greens
Have clean, dry greens ready whenever you need them.  Here's how.

How to Chop Garlic

An endlessly useful skill.  Whether you want a rough chop or a fine paste, our guide will show you how to do it.

How to Peel Garlic Cloves

A step-by-step guide.

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