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 April/May 2011
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PRZ Technologies Testimonial
Chris Parish from OptiPro Helps Out at Skills USA Competition
Mastercam Hidden Gem - Gears and Sprockets
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Mastercam Ultra-News will highlight important news and events pertaining to Mastercam software, since OptiPro has been an authorized distributor and certified training facility of the product since 1982. We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter as OptiPro strives to provide you with the most current and exciting information regarding Mastercam.
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Mastercam Helps Turn Machinists into Experts, Says PRZ Technologies

PRZ Technologies Complex Part
One of the many complex jobs that PRZ Technologies takes on with Mastercam

PRZ Technologies, located in Lancaster, NY, manufactures fixturing for the automotive and other industries and specializes in hydraulic clamp fixturing. Before purchasing Mastercam 6 years ago, PRZ Technologies had no CAD/CAM software to assist their machining operations. All the jobs were completed through g-code programmed right at the control. Because this method is time consuming and knowing g-code is not a simple task, the company needed to implement a more cost-effective way to manufacture, one that didn't require the skill of knowing g-code. Simply put, a more optimized solution was desired in terms of speed and simplicity, which is what ultimately influenced the company to purchase Mastercam.

When PRZ purchased their first seat of Mastercam, the company employed only 4 people. 6 years and 4 seats later, the company now has 14 machinists and nearly all of them are capable of running machines and manufacturing complex parts because they have been taught Mastercam. "I like the fact that even though operators may not know g-code, they can do very intricate work using Mastercam," says Bruce Hacket, CNC programmer at PRZ Technologies. "Once our employees learn Mastercam, it expands what they are able to do. As people get hired, I tell them 'you're going to know Mastercam and you're going to set up a program and run your own machine'. We are able to have these expectations of our employees because of how easy Mastercam is to learn. It's really cool that they all pick it up after two or three times learning and using the software, especially if they have no software experience at all."

Implementing Mastercam into their manufacturing operations has also allowed PRZ to finish projects quicker because of the posts they receive from OptiPro. "Not having to make any changes to a post is a huge benefit," says Bruce. "The posts we get from OptiPro are rock-solid. We have guys here that have used other softwares in previous jobs, and they'll wonder how much editing they will have to do to the post. 99% percent of the time everything is there and we just run."

The ease-of-use and efficiency of Mastercam has led to increased productivity for PRZ Technologies. "I don't think it would be a stretch to say that we've increased productivity by 30%. It could be even more than that with some of the involved fixtures that we are now able to manufacture in optimal times because of Mastercam."

For more information on PRZ Technologies, check out their website at www.prztech.com. To learn more about Mastercam or to request a quote, please contact OptiPro by calling 585-265-0160 or send emails to Lynda Bechtold (lynda@optipro.com).

OptiPro Systems
OptiPro Continues its Commitment to Education By Volunteering at NYS Skills USA Competition


NYS Skills USA Automated Manufacturing Competition
One of the three teams using Mastercam in this year's competition.

The New York State Skills USA Automated Manufacturing Competition took place on April 14 at the Syracuse Fairgrounds. Teams of three from schools across New York State competed in this year's event. The goal of the contest was to have each team design, program and manufacture an iPod Nano using their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.The competition required one of the team members to design a CAD (ANSI 14.5) standard drawing of an iPod Nano, who would give the drawing to the team's CAM operator. The CAM operator was in charge of programming the drawing in a CAM software and the CNC operator would take the program and machine the iPod Nano on a table-top CNC mill. Three judges, included OptiPro Mastercam Technician Chris Parish, graded each team in four categories: CNC, CAM, CAD/ANSI 14.5 and Part Dimensions. The winner of the contest will be eligible to go onto the state finals competition later in the year.

OptiPro Systems
Mastercam Hidden Gem - Gears and Sprockets

GearGear and Sprocket utilities (called C-Hooks) automatically create geometry for gears and sprockets. Press Alt+C and select either GEAR or SPROCKET. Then enter the desired settings and dimensions. Mastercam includes a large number of C-Hooks for free with every installation. These perform all sorts of handy utility functions. See Mastercam's online help for a list of them.

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Mastercam University is the Perfect Solution for Anyone Looking to Learn Mastercam

With MastercamU, you learn tips and tricks at your own pace, in your own time, and from experienced Mastercam trainers. Use these new online classes to get up to speed quickly, keep your skills sharp, or even prepare for official Mastercam Certification. MastercamU is open to anyone with internet access and can be purchased by calling OptiPro Systems at 585-265-0160 ext. 236 or send emails to lynda@optipro.com.

Mastercam University Online Training
Mastercam University Online Training
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