Avoid Vaccines  - Prevent Brain Damage & Premature Death!
All vaccines are causing autism, learning disabilities, SIDS & ADHD.
5th Annual Dr. Smith's
 Vaccination Dangers
Interview with
Dr. Andrew Moulden MD, PhD
Special Announcement
October 30, 2009
Greetings from Dr. Smith
Shocking Facts from & Interview with Dr. Moulden
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Obama's H1N1 Swine Flu National Emergency Evidences Vaccine "Market-Building" for Mass Murder.
Repeat flu vaccines are causing dementia.
Swine flu vaccine caused paralysis.

Vaccination induces Guillian Barre Syndrome - these are end vascular strokes to descending motor tracts in the brain - brain damage!
All vaccines are causing autism spectrum and learning disabilities SIDS and ADHD.
A series of anthrax vaccines causes female vets to give birth to infants with no arms or legs 18 months after vaccination.
Thalidomide caused babies to be born with no arms and legs..
Vioxx caused heart attack and stroke.
Cholesterol lowering drugs are causing myalgia and mysositis.

Through a whole food liver detoxification supplement program and dietary changes, our clients lower cholesterol safely and effectively.
Tetanus causes lockjaw - this is ischemic stroke, in evolution, to the brain from blocked blood flow.

Since 1981, A.C.N. has been recommending two specific herbs that are safe and effective alternatives to tetanus shots.
Hep A/ Hep B vaccines are causing multiple sclerosis.

A.C.N. has successfully helped clients with Hep A, B, and C. through liver detoxification programs.

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5th Annual Dr. Smith's
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Below I have cut/pasted some excerpts from the VACTruth Interview with Dr. Andrew Moulden titled, "What You Were Never Told About Vaccinations" regarding this fact that "all vaccinations are dangerous."

This link will take you directly the complete interview from which these excerpts came.

Interview with Dr. Moulden

Also, here is the link to a growing number of articles and "Say No To Vaccines" seems to be the central theme.  www.VACTruth.com  It is also a website to review often for updates.

Be sure to sign up for their Free Email Subscription. I have not viewed all of these articles, but scanning their titles and key points, they represent a variety of reports from people having serious reactions to vaccines to a variety of health care professionals (including medical authorities) and organizations who are not supportive of vaccinations and doing their best to increase public awareness as quickly as possible.  
(Below are some of the titles from VACTruth, which I have cut/pasted for your quick review.)

Have a Blessed Day,
Donna F. Smith, Ph.D.
Advanced Clinical Nutrition (A.C.N.)
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(Dr. Smith's comments and solutions are in blue.)

2.) Dr. Moulden, we understand that you have made a revolutionary discovery. Can you tell us about it?

I would be happy to.  Through my extensive research and my work throughout the years, I have discovered that vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (ischemia) to brain and body, clinically silent, to death.

(What you ingest (foods and "whole food" supplements) are changed by the digestive system into a "food" chemical that becomes the contents of your blood. Your blood then feeds your cells.  Therefore, the quality of food and supplements determine the quality of your blood, which determines the quality of your cells.  The quality of your cells determine whether your mind and body is healthy or not.   This is what Clinical Nutrition is all about.)

Dr. Moulden continues....Imparied blood flow (ischemia) are strokes - across the board for all of us. I have reason to believe that all are being affected and all vaccinations ARE causing the overwhelming rise in autism, specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, sudden infant death, gulf war syndrome, dementia, seizure disorders, some cancers it would appear, and much much more.

10.) In your opinion, what percentage of vaccines cause adverse effects?

It is in my considered opinion, all of them. I can now show the evidence to back this up. The damages have been clinically silent, but we are all being harmed along the same continuum from clinically silent to terminal disorders and diseases - across all organ systems. However, my ability to measure and prove my point, for the moment, is locked in (focused) on the brain functions -- neurobehavioral, neuropscyhiatric and neurological conditions primarily.

17.) Do you believe that vaccinations have eradicated epidemic diseases?

No, not at all. All we have done is translated "forest fires" for 1% of the population into chronic and acute "brush fires" for the entire population.  Sanitation, water, proper nutrition and hydration was eradicating epidemic disease.  (These are key words for clinical nutrition.)

Virulent pathogens can be handled - we simply needed to control the "MASS" response in human physiology along with the electrostatics of blood flow.

In this regard, there would have been no infantile paralysis or respiratory failure from wild polio, or death from Spanish flu, or H1N1 for that matter.

We can handle the germs - all of them, we simply need to control the magnitude and nature of the immune system response to these virulent pathogens.

(Click here Parasites (Germs & Worms) by Dr. Donna F. Smith  to order Dr. Smith's article on what attracts parasites into the human body and healthy solutions on how to handle parasites.)

The same pathological sequence has to be controlled, in human physiology, on an as-needed basis, irrespective of the pathogenic strain or virulence.

(At Advanced Clinical Nutrition we test for and design therapeutic supplement programs to strengthen the immune system, detoxify parasites, purify and produce nutrient-rich, healthy blood.)
26.) What do you think of the measures currently being taken in various countries to bring in compulsory vaccination against a potential swine flu pandemic?

This is genocidal.  Those that will be harmed will be those that have received the most vaccines since the damages are additive from each vaccination. The younger generations will be hardest hit - immediately and delayed. MiddlePage

We are about to inject MASS vaccinations, creating M.A.S.S. disorders, on mass scales. This will be brain and body damages for all.

The state has no right to meddle, by law or decree, with the sanctity of the human blood, body, or soul.

This is the State imposing it's will over the individual citizen. This is a looming catastrophe that will create the very thing it purports to avert and then some. We have been here before.

27.) Do you think it's possible that governments might institute martial law including enforced and compulsory vaccination?

The laws have already been passed that support these very acts. Indeed, in the event of a civil uprising, the laws have been changed in North America, such that the American military can come into Canada to quell civil up-risings. Once martial law is called, or a global pandemic is called, the individual citizen no longer has any rights, they must receive the vaccinations, else be deemed a threat to national security and public health.

Act Now! 
Write, email and call your Senators and House of Representatives to protect your rights.  Send them links to Dr. Moulden's video and websites.

We must remember and take action to assure
Dr. Moulden's words:

The state has no right to meddle, by law or decree, with the sanctity of the human blood, body, or soul.

Since 1981, Dr. Smith, her family and clients have been using homeopathic and herbal therapies instead of drugs to detoxify the body of viruses, bacteria, streph, staph, and other parasites (germs and worms), in addition to strengthening our immune system, purifying our blood, detoxifying our liver, kidneys and other elimination pathways to assist the body in detoxifying parasites, chemicals, toxic metals and other pollutants that cause inflammation and damage cells and tissue, which leads to disease

It requires less money, time and effort to improve health so that you do not attract parasites, in addition to prevent diseases caused by parasites infestation, than to wait until you are suffering from the symptoms of parasite exposure.

A Few Titles from

  • Obama's H1N1 Swine Flu National Emergency Evidences Vaccine "Market-Building" for Mass Murder
  • Mass Rejection Of Swine Flu Vaccine Continues Throughout Europe
  • Nurse's Son Is Given H1N1 Vaccine Against Her Will.  The irony of a nurse's son forced to be vaccinated..
  • Two more bad reactions to the H1N1 vaccine.
  • U.S. may end up discarding unused H1N1 vaccine.
  • Dr. Andrew Moulden speaks of the western medical model doing more harm than good. 
  • Vaccine Organisation: Pregnant Women Administered Wrong Swine Flu Vaccine
  • Pediatric Power Trip? Docs Fire Parents Who Won't Vaccinate.
  • Child vaccinated with H1N1 at school AGAINST PARENTS WISHES!
  • Obama Declares a National Emergency which Forces Swine Flu Vaccination
  • Redskins Cheerleader Desiree Jennings condition is worsening after she received the seasonal flu vaccine.
  • 'Poisoning attempt' charges filed against French H1N1 campaign.
  • A TOTAL LIE:  First daughters get H1N1 shots as supplies increase.
  • Boy rushed to hospital after swine flu jab!
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