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January of 2010 will mark our
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We are seeking representatives and writers to cover
Irish Events and people
throughout the US.
We Irish Americans are almost 40 Million Strong and
our goal is to raise the

Irish Consciousness of America.

* Clusters of Friends: We have been printing and distributing Irish News
for 17 years. In that time we have
built up a strong network of
FREE distribution outlets, including many locations proximate to our
regular advertisers; thus "Clusters".

** Venue Marketing and Distribution: We track Irish and Celtic Events
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We have many exclusive agreements and are the Irish paper for many
concerts and fairs, incl. the annual Irish Fair at FAIRPLEX.
We know we can
replicate this concept  throughout the country as we grow.
*** Over 2,200


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McDonough Media Rate Card

     Irish News and Entertainment
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Effective 11/1/09
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FIFTH Page              6"wX4"h                    $400  
FIFTH Page              5"X5"                        $400
FIFTH Page              4"wX6"h                    $400

SIXTH Page             5"wX4"h                     $300

EIGHTH Page          4"wX3"h                      $250

TENTH Page            5"wX2.4"h                   $200

Business Card Special
All ads in this Section are on the Business Directory Pages and
OnLine in the GreenNGoldPages
Three Inserts and FOUR MONTHS OnLine ONLY $200.
Print Ad: 3"wX2"h    400 Characters OnLine (Average 50 words)

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