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Dear World Music Friends,

World Music Promotions would like to thank everyone for their support, especially those who "Keep the Music Moving."  You have allowed many of your friends to become our friends. We have celebrated the Caribbean with style, and we had a ball attending all the events. We are looking forward to 2009 and bringing you more underground news. 

May the joys of the season be with you throughout the coming year.

Take a glance at WMP's favorite events of 2008 (Photo gallery).

Cynthia Karaha

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December e-News
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Decmeber, 2008- Vol 1, Issue 8

Joyeux noel

"Joyeux Noel" Fanal 
Merry Christmas Haitian Gingerbread house paper lantern

WMP Photo: Hervay Petion
In This Issue
Ayiti Deploge
Haitian Independence Festival
Photo Gallery
1st Annual Haitian Music Awards
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Caribbean Image TV

Cablevision- Channel 67
Saturday @ 6PM
34 Timewarner in BKLYN
Host: Peter Pouchon

Coup D'oeil

Cable Vision- channel 67
Friday @5:30 -6:00PM
Tele Citronelle
Saturday @ 9:00PM
Host: Frantz Pascal
[email protected]

Tourist Lokal
Bcat -Channel 67
Friday @10:00PM
Host: Fred Pinard
347 558 8527

WRIR 97.3 FM
Richmond Independent Radio
Bill Lupoletti
Host, "Global A Go-Go" (Friday 5-7 PM)
Mon-Fri @ 8.35PM
Dermot Hussey

Radio Soleil
Saturday @4:00PM
Host Herold Dasque

NY International
Wednesday @ midnight
Friday nite @ midnight

Listen LIVE on the web:
with Al Angeloro & DJ Neva


-Tequila Minsky

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-Rita Joseph

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New Release


Artist: Eddy Francois
New release: DJOHU
Label: Sol�y Sounds
Produced by Andy Barrow
Genre: World Music (roots/jazz)

Eddy Francois is known as a prominent "Sanba" lead singer/composer of Rasin (Haitian roots) music, former lead singer of Boukman Eksperyans (Island Records) and his own band, Boukan Ginen.

Eddy Francois

Active Ingredient Records

the Blackout remix version by DJ Cadet charted #42 on Dance Europe after 5 days of release.

01. Titta - Whores (Original Mix)
02. Step - Sherehe (Original Mix)
03. DJ Dela - Aphrodisiac Baby (Original Mix)
04. DJ Cadet - Love Spell 7 (AIR Mix)
05. DJ CLopez - Falling Apart feat. Natalie Anston (Calderin Mix)
06. Funky F Project - Rhythm (Nanowave Mix)
07. Redkone - Somatra (Original Mix)
08. Romano Alfieri, Gabri T. - Return to Giza (Original Mix)
09. Funky F Project - Rhythm (Original Mix)
10. DJ Cadet - Boukan Blackout (AIR Saturated Remix)
11. Lexicon Avenue - Move It (Original Mix)
12. Tamer Fouda - The Sound of The Asian (Original Mix)
13. Danielle Nicole - Music Box (Original Mix)
14. Spirit Mindster - Wave (Jun Yagi & SS Machine Remix)
15. Bsno - Una Historia De Amor (William Umana Magia Mix)
16. Powerplant - With Or Without You (Original Mix)
17. Moshic - Evil Inclination (Moshic Deep Dub Mix
listen to them here:
Jean Cadet
[email protected]
STEVE AZOR -Ayiti Deploge
Steve Azor
Steve Azor
A.K.A Mr. Deploge
 The man behind


WHO is

It began simply with a small idea, in one small island, and in one small club! Founder, Steve Azor, of Brothers Dred Production, had a vision. His mission was simply for you to see and hear Haiti the way he sees and hears Haiti. Along with the help of his supporting Production crew, many more began to see a new portrait of Haiti and hear a new sound. A natural predisposed Haiti is being reinvented - AYITI DEPLOGE - a professionally experienced production company working diligently and ambitiously to bring one idea to life. AYITI DEPLOGE is simply Haiti, the audience, their reactions and interactions, the artists raw and uncut, together both delivering a new promising sound.

Music is a universal language. One that speaks and translates directly to the hearts of many. Our mission is to give Haiti a voice that speaks abroad, bridging the gap of what once was and has yet to become.


Click here to view:

DEPLOGE = Unplugged

Haiti Unplugged is defined as an artist in a new and rare form. Unrehearsed, relaxed, up-close-and-personal creativity developed right before a live audience! AYITI DEPLOGE is an impromptu jam session.
AYITI DEPLOGE is an impromptu jam session. There's no full band, no rehearsed stage show, but a free styled one of a kind performance. It is not a singing contest. The artists are only competing with themselves. It is not a club, so the artist doesn't have to worry about making you dance. All of this allows for a better choice in song selections. It is a collage of music and culture reminiscent of Haitian rhythms historically grounded in its roots from Ras�n to Konpa music. It's a unique and unrehearsed, natural blend of acoustic sounds and vocals mixed with seasoned artist and fresh new rising talent. AYITI DEPLOGE is simply a new recipe of Haitian flavor perfectly spiced to balance a universal palate of the old and the new. From Konpa and Ras�n to Jazz, Spoken Word, and Rap Kr�yol.
ayitiAYITI DEPLOGE is not just a musical show but it is a musical experience! No one show is ever the same. Fil
med every Wednesday at various clubs in Haiti such as: Press Caf�, The Garage, Spirit Club, Muncheez, Barak, and Le Villate, our hope is to showcase some of Haiti's beautiful establishments that offer dinner, dancing and livelihood, as well as undiscovered talent most have yet to see. So rich in potential, so filled with ambition.

Producer: Steve Azor/BrothersDredProd
Host: Carel and Dada
Media support: Ticket Magazine
Ayiti Deploge can soon be viewed on, BCAT, and

Krezi Mizik (Mika Benjamin) -Ayiti Deploge

---Inside scoop---

A man with a vision and talent to back it up

Steve Azor is the creator and director of Ayiti Deploge. Mr. Deploge is a man of many talents.  We found out that he was the songwriter and producer of the two most popular rap groups of the 80's and 90's, Salt n' Pepper and Kid n' Play.

Steve Azor
[email protected]




M.I.A. Media, Inc.
[email protected]

Sublime Music takes focus as the 6th Annual Haitian Independence     
Festival sets out to leave an indelible mark on Downtown Miami

November 25, 2008 - Downtown Miami - For six consecutive years music enthusiasts have
reveled in the uproarious party that is the Haitian Independence Festival. Downtown
Miami transforms itself into a musical mecca as thousands gather to ring in the New
Year at the city's largest celebration in January. Delivering excellence has remained a
priority and this year Voila, in conjunction with Kaliko Productions, is proud to bring
the same level of prestige to the Caribbean community as they mark the special occasion
of Haiti's emancipation on January 1, 1804, a date that denotes reflection,
significance and of course celebration...  ( READ MORE CLICK HERE)

Members of the Press are asked to email your primary Festival coverage request directly to [email protected] to ensure that an application is forwarded to you in a timely fashion. Be aware that the deadline to request credentials to participate in the 6th Annual Haitian Independence Festival as a justified media affiliate is December 29, 2008. For more information feel free to call 305-895-8006.  Start the New Year in grandeur as we kick-off 2009 in style at the  6th Annual Haitian Independence Festival.
Photo Gallery: WMPs' Favorite Events  of 2008
1-   Machel Montano
(Calypso -Trinidad and Tobago)
Thursday, Aug 28, 2008

Energy was through the roof at Sob's
Machel Montano talked about Haiti and even spoke some creole words. "Eske nou pare?" Are you ready?  We couldn't be ready to absorb all the yoyo bouncing, the hip winding and the flag waving that we were about to witness. It was just a big happy Caribbean family-style party. It was a Thursday night and most of us had to go to work the next day.  WMP was only planning to stay for a little while to cover the event. Well, it didn't turn out so.  At a certain point we were no longer covering the event; we were part of the party--dancing, jumping and basking in the pride of being from the Caribbean.


2-       Roseland Ballroom -April 12, 2008

"La Nuit des Jeune" 

Haitian Konpa bands Dola, Krezi, Carimi and T-Vice battling it out on stage for the most creative presentation, "Broadway Style".


Don't miss 
"La Nuit des Jeunes" 2009

Roseland Ballroom
on March 28, 2009


3-   The Annual West-Indian Parade Kiddie's Carnival
Saturday August 30, 2008
Feet of Rhythm Kids represented Haiti
"Anba Dlo/Under the Sea"

Sponsor Feet of Rhythm Kids next year @ West-Indian Parade Kiddie's Carnival 2009
Nadia Dieudonne


[email protected]



4-      27th IRAWMA
The International Reggae & World Music Awards
MAY 4, 2008


(Zouk- Guadeloupe)
Amazura, Queens, NY
 Saturday July 26, 2008


6-    New Jersey Performing Art Center
 April 19, 2008

David Rudder (Calypso -Trinidad and Tobago) and Lataye (Roots-Haiti)


David Rudder


The Haitian Academy for the Performing Arts (HAPA)
Tel: 646.258.6985
Rita Joseph

New York, N.Y., December 4, 2008 - Compas on Broadway (COB) held an exclusive press event on Friday, November 28th to announce the upcoming 1 st Annual Haitian Music Awards to be held in New York City on Easter weekend 2009. Urbain Richard Executive Producer of the Haitian Academy of the Performing Arts (HAPA) and COB staff invited 200 guests - music artists, music industry professionals and press to the Holiday Inn in Jamaica, New York to officially announce the event.

Upon entering the Holiday Inn ballroom one could sense that it was going to be an evening of significant magnitude for the Haitian Music Industry (HMI). With great anticipation, attendees came to hear and support a dream in the making; the dream of taking Compas music to the prestigious Avery Fisher Hall at New York's Lincoln Center. During the course of the evening, guests were given a taste of Compas music at its best with live performances by Tempo, Harmonik, and Bono from Chale Mizik accompanied by Claude Cajuste, and Polo of 1st Klass.
Artists such as Ti Joe Zenni of Kreyol La, Mickael Guirand of Carimi, L2, Lolo and Manze of Boukman Ekperyans took the stage to share the significance of Compas music but also to support and applaud the initiative that Compas on Broadway has taken to ensure that this genre of music receives the industry accolades that it truly deserves.
Compas on Broadway's press party was a true display of the multitude of styles that Compas music offers. M any artists expressed the importance of COB and their beliefs that the event will have a positive impact on the nation of Haiti. The inaugural event will pay homage to the pioneer and founder of 'Compas Direct', Mr. Nemours Jean-Baptiste. If the press party was any indication, you do not want to miss April 12, 2009 at Avery Fisher Hall at the Lincoln Center.
For more information, please visit
About the Haitian Academy for the Performing Arts (HAPA)
The HAPA's mission is to recognize Haitians for their contributions in the production and promotion of music, film, and dance.
"Compas on Broadway" Haitian Music Awards
April 12, 2009 Lincoln Center, NYC
Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre Is Closing!



Press Contact:Konpatones
Maia Claire Garrisson
Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre
37 East 18th Street 7th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212 477-3464

December 19th, 2008, Manhattan, NY.-Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, the legendary New York City multi-ethnic dance school and not-for-profit organization, is closing its doors on December 31st 2008 after 15 years of "exceptional contributions to our city", (the council of NYC). Hit by the economic crisis -- with fewer students attending classes -- and a major rent increase, DDDC has no other option but to sadly shut down. The immediate result would be 55 teachers and drummers losing their jobs.

Hundreds of children from lower income families losing the opportunity to receive free dance scholarships, along with thousands of adult students losing their community workout, a place to release stress and convene "Since its establishment, Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre-one of New York City's largest minority-owned cultural centers- has dedicated itself to connecting men and women of all ages and ethnicities through the arts. In a letter of June 2007, Mayor Bloomberg wrote, "As we look back on the incredible accomplishments of DDDC's 15 years, we also look forward to even greater achievements on the horizon." "I am confident that the New York community and government officials, who understand the profound impact that our philosophy and ethnic dance taught in our institution has on so many lives, will rally up and help us continue our mission of providing health, fitness, and harmony amongst New Yorkers" says the founder Djoniba Mouflet.

DDDC needs funds for a new home and is urgently seeking aid. You can make donations on line at or by mail. Contributions will allow for construction, fundraising, architectural design, web design, building materials, office furniture and equipment, Who knows how long this economic climate will last -but what kind of city will be left when it's over, if we allow our community owned cultural institutions to close?

About Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre

Since its inception in 1992, as a not-for-profit cultural and charitable organization, The Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre has strived to celebrate our global diversity through world dance and music and is dedicated to bridging the gap between all ages, ethnic groups, and cultures through dance and music. The Centre is one of New York
City's largest minority-owned dance studio, and the only cultural center in the world specializing in multi-ethnic dance and drum. The Centre serves thousands of adults and children annually, has a roster of 35 master teachers dancers and drummers, who teach more than 100 dance classes per week in more than 30 different styles of movement and music from around the world. Founded and directed by Djoniba Mouflet, the internationally-acclaimed drummer, dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer, the Centre houses three dance studios, a children's program and an adult evening program. DDDC has become a popular cultural and fitness spot, attended by celebrities like Tyra Banks, Julia Roberts, Brook Shields and featured in several magazines, newspapers and major TV shows. Awarded "Best New York Dance School" several years in a row by The Village Voice, New York Magazine, New York Press and AM New York, DDDC has also been recognized by city officials-including Mayor Bloomberg, The City Council, Manhattan Borough president Scott M. Stringer, as well as NY State Assembly N. Godfrey for its outstanding service to the NY community. "I applaud Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre for your strong commitment to the culture and community." Richard N. Godfrey / New York State Assembly "It is the tradition and custom of the New York City Council to honor its most distinguished citizens, and today we are pleased to recognize Djoniba Dance &  Drum Centre, Inc for its exceptional contributions to our City. Today, we honor Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, Inc an organization that has distinguished itself
in service to the community: is has enriched us with its presence and achievements and is worthy of the esteem of all New Yorkers" Proclamation by The Council of the City of New York.

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