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 See the BAKER 6in4 on How It's Made Thursday June 7, 2012 at 9:00pm EST on the Science Channel.  Plus listen to the Bert Baker interview on Road Hog's with Rocky Marks where Bert talks about the history of How It's Made, the filming process and more!
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RPM Calculation 

Fine tune your ride without turning a wrench!  Use the BAKER RPM calculator to determine the best configuration for you!
Under high horsepower applications, the stock H-D Mainshaft bearing race can sometimes walk into the main drive gear causing a seal leak and possible damage to the main drive gear bearing. 

When this happens, it is also impossible to remove using the proper puller. Before resorting to a cutoff wheel or other destructive method of removal, do the following: Read more here.

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The Horse Smokeout, Rockingham, NC June 22-24
J&P Cycles Open House, Anamosa, IA - June 23 - 24
Sturgis Rally, Sturgis, SD - August 6 - 12 

Chrome Bully


The mechanically potent design of the Bully Primary Cover will give you the style and cool factor your stock primary couldn't.  With the introduction of the 6-speed in 2007, the factory also came out with a completely new primary design.  The new vanilla flavored design was plain and boring.  Being the largest single piece of architecture on the left side of the motorcycle, it is just begging to be upgraded and replaced.  Check out the Bully Primary in chrome finish here!  To order, contact our sales department at 1-877-640-2004. 


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BAKER Billet Shift Forks     Attitude Chain Adjuster    The All New BAKER Stash Tube!

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