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Issue 20February, 2012
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The Bully Primary Cover will add the style and cool factor to your 2007-Later touring model that the stock primary cover could not. With the introduction of the stock 6-speed in 2007, the factory also introduced a completely new primary assembly. This new primary design was smoother and much more plain as compared to the previous version.  Being the single biggest piece of architecture on the right side of the motorcycle, it is just begging to be upgraded and replaced.  Read more about the all new BAKER Bully Primary here.
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Attitude Chain Adjuster Attitude Chain Adjuster

The Attitude Chain Adjuster solves the issues associated with the stock auto chain tensioner on 2006-Later Dyna & 2007-Later Softail/Touring models.  By design, automatic chain tensioners ratchet your primary chain up to the next notch the moment there is enough slack, thus over tightening your chain.  One notch may not be a big deal, however you have no control over the mechanism and when it stops tightening.  The end result in many more here.  

Cash For Crap Is Back! BAKER Cash For Crap

Have and old, tired, stock transmission? Was your custom chopper built with a knock off transmission that's impossible to service? BAKER wants to give you cash for it! The BAKER Cash For Crap Program is back! Send us your old worn out transmission and we will apply a 15% off credit on your purchase of a BAKER OD6, DD6, DD7 or OD6R!  Going on now until March 31st!     


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 "Lost sight of the American dream?  Our forefathers gave birth to the industrial revolution, achieved global manufacturing dominance, and fought 5+ wars last century to propagate the American dream and keep it alive.  Does the phrase "Buy American" sound corny to you?  If it does then hop on your bicycle and head down to the dollar store or mega retailer to buy some more Chinese shit to further undermine the American manufacturing machine.  If "Buy American" means something to you, then please don't piss away the beautiful gift our forefathers gave us.  Buy American and spread the word.  OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!"

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 BAKER Drivetrain
 BAKER Drivetrain