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July/August 2011
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lazy days of summer  Happy Summer!   

I want to exercise regularly.  It's what I intend, but sometimes I don't do it.  (Can you relate?)

The heat of Summer had zapped my fitness interest and energy recently.  I needed a boost. I needed something or someone to get me going again. 

In my search for 'something/someone' I dragged my lazy self off the couch and re-tried a DVD fitness program I'd had for years by Cathe.com.   It was EXACTLY what I needed - I'm back on track!

I forgot that I had this great resource, AND how motivating and helpful it is!


I can say the same thing for the DISC Assessment (a popular professional training tool that many of you have used.)  It's a great resource that often gets used once, and then we forget about it. 

  • When's the last time you reviewed your DISC Assessment Report results?  
  • Have you thought about going back and looking at your Report with fresh eyes for more insight, guidance and motivation?

DISC is a rich resource tool that can be used in many ways. Don't miss my new video: My Top 10 Favorite Uses for the DISC Assessment.


Also, check out: my Step-by-Step Guide for facilitating a

Team Building Exercise, info @ my upcoming Virtual DISC Certification class, two refreshingly funny Just for Fun Videos and a new Inspiration Video (by someone who inspired me.)

Suzie Price

May we all find exactly the right support when we need it - so we can all DO what we INTEND.   

Stay Cool, 

Suzie Price

Professional Facilitator & Publisher of WakeUpEager.com



P.S.  The winner of the complimentary Cardio Coach workout MP3 from my May 2011 Newsletter is Janey from North Carolina. Janey, reply to this email, and I'll send over your prize.  Congrats! 


My Top 10 Favorite Uses for the DISC Assessment:    

DISC Assessment Results - Great Tool, Many Uses... 
DISC Assessment Results -
Great Tool, Many Uses...
Get the Facilitation Steps for Strengths Bombardment Exercise, HERE.

(This is the team building exercise I mention in the video -

from: Five Dysfunctions of a Team)



Virtual Training Class Starts September 13, 2011



What's Included in Suzie's Virtual DISC Certification Class...  
What's Included In This Class...


See Sample Course Curriculum, PDF, Here.


Contact Me With Questions 






Just for Fun & Inspiring Videos: tim hawkins  

Just for Fun Video:  Refreshingly funny and silly- comedian/musician Tim Hawkins makes fun of aging rock stars AND shares his love for Chick-Fil-A.    

Take a break, Watch Just-For-Fun Videos Now.

Dan Cathy C.O.O.

Inspiring Video:
Chick-Fil-A C.O.O. Dan Cathy inspired me recently at a Leader's Lunch.  Find out why he has an oxygen mask in his Leadership Tool Kit -
Watch this Inspiring Message Now.


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