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Improvement Projects
Construction Update
FDOT District Three March  2009
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Contact Information
Mike Sasser
Project Public Information Coordinator
Tele: (850) 477-7485
Tommie Speights
FDOT Dist. Three Public
Information Director
Tele: (888) 638-0250 (toll free)
Visit the Interstate 10/110 project web site for news and information on major FDOT construction projects in Escambia County.
Weather impacts
Planned construction activities are weather dependent and may be re-scheduled in the event of inclement weather. 

New I-110 soutbound service road to open 

The new Interstate 110 southbound service road to Brent Lane is scheduled to open this week as part of the I-110/Airport Boulevard-Brent Lane split diamond interchange construction project. 
New I-110 soutbhond service road
 The new service road is shown at to the right, adjacent to the Interstate 110 southbound travel lanes.
Once the service road opens, Interstate 110 southbound drivers destined for Brent Lane will need to exit the interstate at the new "Airport Boulevard/Brent Lane-Exit 5."

"Traffic will exit much sooner, north of Airport Boulevard," said Mike Lenga, the project administrator from Greenhorne & O'Mara.  "We want to get the word out so that people are not confused when the change occurs."

Brent Lane in March 2009

Brent Lane traffic is in its permanent alignment while crews continue
to work on the ramps connecting to I-110.
Meantime, construction continues on Brent Lane and the Airport Boulevard overpass.  Once work is completed at these locations, the new ramps connecting Airport Boulevard to I-110 will be opened for traffic.  The new interchange will establish Airport Boulevard as a direct, four-lane route between the interstate system and the Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport.
Airport Boulevard
Construction work continues on Airport Boulevard.
Work on the $41 million construction effort is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2009. 
I-110 Airport Blvd-Brent Lane Split Diamond interchange
This graphic illustrates the traffic patterns for the new I-110 Airport Boulevard-Brent Lane Split Diamond interchange.  For a larger view of this graphic, click here.
I-110 improvements project update
The five-year effort to six-lane Interstate 110 between the Airport Boulevard overpass and Maxwell Street is moving toward completion this spring.  The construction team is currently focused on final paving work, installing lights and directional signs, and repairing drainage pipes along I-110 and at the Davis Highway-Fairfield Drive intersection. 

Paving Fairfield Drive

Crews pave Fairfield Drive westbound just east of Davis Highway.
"Traffic is in its permanent alignment," said Frank Tucker, the project administrator with Volkert Construction Services.  "We're going through the project with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is as it should be before we apply the final layer of asphalt." 
Laying sod 
Workers install high mast lighting on Fairfield Drive.

Most of the work on the I-110 project has been performed at night when traffic demand is lowest.  But with the project drawing to a close, drivers will encounter some daytime lane closures.

"Construction specifications do not allow for paving unless temperatures are consistently above 45 degrees," said Tucker.  "Rather than extend the project in hopes of getting warmer nighttime temperatures, FDOT is allowing the contractor to pave during the daytime hours." 
Travel delays associated with the daytime lane closures have been minimal.  The latest information on Interstate 110 lane closures is available here.