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June 4, 2011


In this issue, we have:
  • Updates and Teases 
  • Planet Zentangle 
  • Help us write our book  
  • Tangling Tips  

Rick and Maria  


Updates and Teases

Since this is a NEWSletter, we'll bring you up to speed with some of what's going on here at Zentangle Central.
  • Our October CZT training is full, but we are still accepting wait-list registrations. [pdf
  • We are putting together our schedule for 2012 and plan to have summer classes for school teachers. Our new space has air conditioning (to say the least)!
  • Website upgrades are now being tested.
  • We're focusing on our book on Zentangle.
  • We cleaned out our garage to make room for more Zentangle activities. (If you ever want to know how much clutter you can collect, try living in one place for a few decades and then clean your garage and basement. Whew!) 
  • A lot of new exciting Zentangle products are about to appear. We'll announce them soon here and in our blog.  
  • A new grandchild is also about to appear! So please understand if we are wonderfully distracted in the days ahead.

Planet Zentangle

Here are some stories and pictures we've recently received.

From a conversation with Kate Murray, CZT, [email] Paris, France,

Dear Rick and Maria:

Greeting from Beijing, China. I am here working with my consulting customer, [name of company], at their International Seminar.

One thing I have talked about with my students since I participted in CZT training was the art of Zentangle. I  have given them the website and to my great joy most have gone to the site to see what it is all about.

Then they wrote back to me that they wanted to learn. I was thrilled, these are people from Russia, Romania, Singapore, Czech Republic and other countries who do not have CZT available, so I have agreed to do a Basic training with them here in Beijing in their free time. I did bring my materials with me, thanks to my Russian student who wrote me every week to make sure that I remembered that she wanted to learn. They are very excited and so am I. It will happen tomorrow night.

The Art Form of Zentangle will be further heard around the world.

P.S. The newsletter is fantastic, I can't wait for the other materials to be available.

Great blessings,
Kate Murray

After her class, Kate wrote again.

Dear Rick and Maria:

What a blast!

I had students from: France, Russia, Romania, Finland, and Korea.
All are managers in [company] and all of them are under amazing stress to perform at the highest level.
They loved it. And their work was so personal and very cool. I'm sorry I don't have pictures, I was spending too much time putting them through the process, observing and encouraging!

The best part, the next day people came up to me and said time and time again: "how did they learn to do that in just an evening? They are not artistic but they created beautiful work!" Others said, "They created little pieces of art! I couldn't believe my eyes, I thought at first it was just printed and you photocopied it from some art magazine. But they did it!"

I just smiled and said, "That is the magic of Zentangle!"

Thank you so much for what you both created, it is a godsend to many.

Great blessings,


Hi Rick and Maria, It was great getting to know you at GEL last week, and I wanted to share this photo of this terrific door I found in my peregrinations on Sunday in Manhattan. Thanks so much for showing me Zentangle! Best, LB


One of Zentangle's common "side-effects" is an increased awareness and appreciation of our world.


Hi Rick and Maria   


Today was a special day in that one of your CZT's - Joan Payton- of Atlanta, Georgia, [email] visited our little town of Amherst, Nova Scotia and taught 15 eager people the art of Zentangle.  We had a lovely time and purchased all the supplies that Joan could bring with her.  I expect many, if not all, of the participants will be enjoying their new found skills and applying it to everyday life as well as established skills we already have.  Many of us are rug hookers and design our own rugs, so I know this will be immensely useful.  Thank you for the discovery and the training you provide your teachers.  Joan is very kind, encouraging and patient.  Today's class has only opened the door a crack, we are now ready to explore.   


Relax and tangle, BC




Dear Maria and Rick,


I conducted my first class, after months of "preparation"!


Fina Man, CZT (Hong Kong) [email]


Congratulations Fina and all you lucky students! 


Hi Maria and Rick,

I had to share what my daughter has been up to.  I'm having a Zentangle class at my house tomorrow and she is doing cake decorating for 4H.  A match made in heaven!


Tangles: Y-Not, Ixorus, Rick's Paradox, Purk, and her own tangle Par-K.

Wish I could send you the actual cupcakes in the mail!


Cris [Chris Letourneau, CZT (Ohio, USA)]

PS - You can see the rest of them on my blog if you want.


Rick and Maria:


I just wanted to thank Nancy for being so helpful and getting my order to me quickly.  She is great!  I volunteered to teach Zentangle to my grandson's fourth grade class.  The teacher didn't confirm until 3 days before we HAD to do it because of the end of school.  I really wanted to be able to give the kids a pen, pencil and a few tiles to use.  Needless to say, I didn't have enough and Nancy came to my rescue. 


The kids were pretty rambunctious when they got to the classroom.  I was starting after the lunch break.  It was amazing how quickly silence broke out when they started to tangle.  Their teacher loved it and sees it as a great tool for many kids like my grandson (ADHD)  She may even get certified herself!  . . .  Some of their favorite things: looking at some of the work I had done, no erasers/no mistakes, seeing all their tiles together, the sun assignment and of course the candy.




I had a great time paying it forward and have agreed to teach at one of their reward days.  These are fun events planned as rewards for good behavior.  This time they will collect a fee for the supplies and I will donate my time. 


Thanks again!

Kathy Redmond, CZT, Louisiana, USA [email


Dear Rick and Maria:


Enclosed please find the photos for my recent two workshops.


The first five photos are for a class of 30 senior people in community college.  The senior people paid great attention and interest in Zentangle.  Many of them are surprised to see their own artworks the first time in their lives.  The most senior lady is over 80.  She's very concentrating on her work.  After the workshop, they decide to do more Zentangles as home works which will be exhibited at the end of their semester.




The second group of photos are the workshop I just completed on May 21.  There are 8 persons attending the workshop and five of them buying the Zentangle Box for further learning.  There's one gentleman who is planning to attend the CZT training in October with his wife, so he purchased two kits for himself and his wife.



So far the workshops are going very well.  People in Taiwan accept the Zentangle Art form very well.  Zentangle is universal art form for sure!


Laura Liu, CZT [email]
Taipei, Taiwan


You can find all our Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs) listed here.

Help us write our book!

We are (finally!) writing our book and we invite you to be part of it.

We're asking for your Zentangle stories. Details are in this blog entry. You can post your replies there or email them to us directly.

Thank you so very much!

Tangling Tips


Tip #1
I just noticed this unfinished Zentangle on our kitchen table. See how Maria is using portions of her lower tangle as jumping off points as she transitioned across her string into mooka.


Neat technique!

We'll show this later in our blog after Maria finishes it. So, come by and see what she does!

Tip #2
Take a class with a CZT and treat yourself to a Zentangle Kit.

Even with all the information out there on the web, if you want to understand and experience Zentangle - take a class with a CZT. Once you do, you will understand why we recommend it. Once you get our Zentangle Kit, watch our DVD and use the special supplies we put together you will understand even more what people are talking about.

If you already have a Zentangle kit, take a moment and watch your DVD again. It always helps to revisit Zentangle basics now and then.

We are grateful to share this wonderful adventure with you!

Thank you for being part of it!


Rick and Maria

About Zentangle

Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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