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April 18, 2011


In this issue, we have:
  • October CZT Training - a new location
  • Great Feedback  
  • Interesting news item

Rick and Maria  


CZT Training Update - October in Providence! 
As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, after our May seminar, we had to find a new location for our CZT training.

True to "when one door closes, another opens," we have found something pretty awesome.

We can schedule more classes. We can also schedule them in the summer and accommodate the many school teachers that have been wanting to attend. (Our previous facility had no air conditioning.)

Our October 11-14 Certified Zentangle Teacher seminar will be held in Providence, Rhode Island, at the


As they say at their website

Hotel Providence is a AAA 4-Diamond, boutique, luxury hotel. A hotel with personality; a touch of European flair and New England's charm. Full of character, elegant, uncluttered yet filled with beautiful things (and the most modern conveniences).

It's the details that matter: In a city that was founded on free thinking, we are passionate about standing out from the crowd.

This is an amazing private hotel, full of art and antiques and in a wonderful part of a beautiful city. We think you will enjoy and appreciate this wonderful location. 


We met almost all of our goals in finding a replacement facility . . . 
  • On the same dates? - YES   
  • Has a wonderful atmosphere? - YES
  • With good food? - YES 
  • And a comfortable classroom? - YES
  • Near our home/studio/gallery? - No  
    This one we couldn't do. Perhaps it was time. There is nothing in our area that remotely could have answered our other requirements. 
  • Similarly priced? - ALMOST 

    This place costs more. No surprise there, but considering the difference in amenities and services (just wait until you see these rooms!) it is not as much more as we thought. 

  • In a facility we have all to ourselves? - Effectively 

    We are essentially taking over this hotel. There might be one or two other guests there. But this is a small hotel and most everyone there will be Zentangle family.  

Please take some time to browse through their website and look at some of the facility and room pictures. This is a truly remarkable facility and we are so grateful that we have been able to create a relationship with them. We think you will be very pleased.


Other Details and Benefits of this location
  • There are lots of private rooms. We've added a "private room" category to our October registration. If you have someone who would like to join you and explore Providence or go fishing in Newport, that person can stay with you in your private room for no extra charge.
  • Want to arrive early and stay later? You can come two days early and leave two days later at our group rates assuming rooms are available. You need to make those arrangements with the hotel. Tell them you're with Zentangle and you'll get the special rates. Of course you can stay longer, just not at our low rates.
  • All rooms and facilities are handicap accessible. Some rooms are more fully wheelchair adaptable with grab rails. 
  • The airport shuttle from Providence's T.F. Green Airport to Hotel Providence is $11.
  • There is public transportation to Providence from Boston's Logan airport.

Important notes
There is a limited number of shared rooms. People who have already registered will be given preference for those. We'll let you know as soon as possible whether your choice is available.

So, what happens next?Registration Form Thumb


Print out this revised October Registration Form.


Please send it in promptly. Even though this facility can accommodate more people, we are already three quarters full.


If you have any questions, please email or call 508-234-6843 between 9 and 4 (eastern time, GMT -5), Monday through Friday. 


We are so excited to be moving to this new location. We're grateful that it all turned out so well. We look forward to sharing this next step of our Zentangle adventure with you.


We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to Terri and Ed Mielus and all the Oakhurst Retreat Center staff. You have become a part of our Zentangle history. We're looking forward to one more event with you in May. You are wonderful hosts, wonderful cooks and now, dear friends. Thank you for everything.

Great Feedback


Hi Rick and Maria, 


I stumbled upon Zentangle about a month ago while looking for quilling supplies and I have been hooked since day 1!  Thank you so much for developing this technique.  I, like so many people, have never thought I had any ability to draw.  It wasn't until I found Zentangle that I realized I never wanted to actually draw people or landscapes, I just wanted to create art using basic materials that were portable. It's practically the definition of Zentangle!  I am primarily a bead artist and beading instructor but as a 911 paramedic I also do many art related activities with the medical community and have given the opportunity to teach at the childrens hospital.  I would love to be certified and be able to pass along this amazing technique to others.  


Thank you so much for developing this technique.  I have dabbled in just about every craft and with the exception of beading I have never been so enamored with another technique.  I see a Zentangle pattern everywhere I go now.  I knew I was converted when I noted a cool triangle pattern in a hospital gown that one of my patients was wearing last night!  - EO




Hello Rick & Maria,

I really enjoyed your YouTube demo on the Mooka design. I have one to share.  I started using #8 tags and last month one of the themes was Zentangles.  Well this is my version of Mooka with a stamped image. My hands have a tendency to shake a little but I enjoy it.  - EP


 [Looks awesome, EP! Even if there is shaking (which we can't see), in Zentangle, it just becomes part of the overall texture.]




I was showed how to do Zentangle in 2010. I was in a center in Aliquippa, PA and I have not stopped yet. I LOVE IT!

- DC 



Last week I was in a cast with crutches thinking I'd have to cancel my first workshop. I also had the jitters...and you all gave me some welcomed thoughts about my 1st class. I wanted to follow up with you. My foot was NOT broken...just a bad sprain...no pain...thank goodness.  I had 9 people. I sold 6 kits, 4 of Sandy's books and did over $400 in sales. The enthusiasm from the attendees was amazing. I was VERY pleased with the workshop. They are all chomping at the bit for another class to come to. I also got a referral for another class to teach. I went to my favorite coffeehouse and did a Zentangle before my class and I was really calm. My BFF was there today and at one point she looked at me at said "this is really gonna be big". She couldn't get over the enthusiasm from the people attending. So bottom line? I'm not going to sleep tonight...I'm still soooo wound up! Yeah...what a fun day. Nothing like getting paid to have fun!!! THANK YOU RICK AND MARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved Mooka BTW. - A New CZT




Hi Rick and Maria:


Thanks to you both for the lovely new video.  I was hooked right away; using the continual motion is intriguing and so peaceful.  I wanted to share with you what this new activity has given me:


From 1975 - 1979, I studied martial arts.  Rather than pursue a graduate degree after I finished [college], I trained and advanced to Black Belt and decided to teach!  I spent the years developing a unique style that focused more especially on the art form.  I opened my own karate studio in the late 80's; suffered a devastating injury being attacked by two dogs; rehabilitated and continued teaching until 1997.  At that time, my body was unable to take the stress of the daily performance and I retired.  The mind, body, spiritual connection I achieved through martial arts stayed strong but I couldn't achieve the peaceful, zenlike feeling that my training had provided.  I missed that!


Then, in mid March of this year, through sheer coincidence (perhaps!) I heard a fellow student in a craft class mention Zentangles.  I was clueless and did the right thing - I googled it! I ordered your kit and in the meantime, began practicing the tangles I found online. 


This beautiful art form has, quite literally, taken over my soul!  One stroke at a time I am moving back into that amazing place where I believe I touch the spirit that moves through all things.  Thank you so much.


Hugs, -S



Interesting Article

We just read this article this morning. Here's a short excerpt:


But the modern world bombards us with stimuli, a nonstop stream of e-mails, chats, texts, tweets, status updates and video links to piano playing cats.


There's growing concern among scientists that indulging in these ceaseless disruptions isn't good for our brains, in much the way that excessive sugar or fat - other things we evolved to crave when they were in shorter supply - isn't good for our bodies.


And some believe it's time to consider a technology diet.


Zentangle is a wonderful non-technical alternative. It's important to have an alternative. When you put pen to paper in a Zentangle way, something shifts. We know it's important and we're learning more and more just how important and valuable it can be.


Thank you all for your support and interest.



As always, we are grateful to be able to share this wonderful adventure with you!

Thank you.

Rick and Maria

About Zentangle

Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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