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July 31, 2009

We have some great images and a new tangle to explore in this issue.


Zentangle Origami

PM enjoys combining her two passions of origami and Zentangle. Here is her Zentangle origami crane.


Thank you, PM. That is so beautiful!

Zentangle Ensemble ™

Here's a note we recently received from some new friends in Florida (two of which are attending our fall training seminar!).

"A few months ago, a group of four members of the Surface Design Guild of Sarasota discovered your Zentangles. We've caught the fever. The four of us decided to do an ensemble, where each of us drew a basic string pattern; then cut that in four equal parts. We then traded our pieces with the other three players for them to complete. A month later, when we met, the pieces were returned to their owners, and our four ensembles were reassembled. Voila! 
"I do not have to tell you how impressive they are, and others could hardly wait to start their own ensembles. Two more groups were formed (one with nine and one with four) and when we gather again in late August, the 13 ensembles will be complete.   
"Because of the enthusiasm we are considering including an ongoing Zentangle 'swap' as part of our monthly meetings. Because we are such a diverse group - painters, quilters, jewelry and bead designers, collage artists - generating such interest truly amazes me. It is very exciting.
"Your newsletters are indicative of how many people you've touched. Thank you! 
"I'm attaching the results of my ensemble from the first swap.
"with much appreciation, LR"


It's quite a rush to see how different people's tiles fit within an Ensemble. Thank you for sending that LR. We're looking forward to meeting the members of your group this fall.

A Zentangle Ensemble is a wonderful way to enjoy Zentangle in a group. We have created two pre-strung sets of nine tile ensembles that you can purchase. Learn more here.
New Tangle - Swarm

Continuing our bee theme from last month's tangle beeLine, we introduce swarm.

Even though we don't show it in these drawings, it's much easier if you rotate your tile as you do this tangle.


Monthly Zentangle Challenge
Check out our monthly challenge from our previous issue.

Zentangle Teacher Certification Seminar
For all who have registered, your welcome kits are in the mail.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us to confirm space availability. You can download your registration here. (pdf format)

If you're getting this newsletter for the first time, you can learn more about our teacher training seminar here. (Although this info is from our February 2009 seminar description, everything, except price, applies.)

Thanks again for joining us in this fascinating adventure and thank you for sharing your stories and Zentangles with us.

See you soon.

Best regards,

Rick and Maria
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