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July 23, 2009

We're a bit late this issue. We just returned from a great time in Nashville teaching Zentangle, making new friendships and renewing old ones. (photos below)

In this issue we share some results from last month's  Zentangle challenge and issue next month's challenge.

Teacher Certification Seminar welcome kits are mailing out next week. There is still space available. (info below)



Last month's challenge was:

Create a Zentangle using just one tangle.

Here are a few samples of what we received. All we can say is, "Wow!"

These first two are from VM who is coming to our training seminar. She wrote:

". . . Zentangles have been a wonderful solution for me. They were wanting to put me on high-blood pressure meds and I don't do meds... now my blood pressure is absolutely normal or almost low and the only thing I can possible attribute it to is doing the Zentangles! It certainly hasn't been due to a stress-fee life the last two months.
". . . I'm so looking forward to meeting you and coming back to New England - I lived in Vermont/New Hampshire for seven years."

VM's tangle cadent:

cadent challenge 

VM's tangle paradox:

These next two are from MASD, striping and shattuck:



And here's HW's flux:


These images are so beautiful. Even though their styles are so different, they all originate from the same Zentangle principles of string and tangle.

Thank you so much for all who sent in their Zentagles. We only wish we could have posted all of them in this newsletter.

This month's challenge:

OK all you tanglers around the world, this month's challenge is to

Create a Zentangle using
only your non-dominant hand.

This is very exciting . . . when you realize how those shaky lines rather add to the overall beauty of your finished Zentangle. Taken out of context, each stroke might be a bit iffy. But put them all together in pattern form and they look totally different.

This is said to be a great exercise for right-brain, left-brain integration. Be easy with yourself. Complete a few tiles. This can be a neat experience, so have fun!

We look forward to seeing what you do and include them in our next newsletter.

Zentangle goes "Country"

Maria is a long-time member of IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting). We were honored to be asked to teach Zentangle at their recent conference in Nashville, Tennessee - the country music capital of the world.

We taught Zentangle to about 200 lettering artists from around the world. We broke our own rules a bit and had folks create tangles with oblique pointed dip pens using white ink on black paper. We used pencils or white soapstone to draw our strings.

Feedback was extremely positive. Accomplished lettering artists reveled in creating designs and patterns in new ways that they could later use in their lettering and embellishing. New and aspiring calligraphers were thrilled to be able to develop technique and muscle-memory with their pens in a relaxed and playful way with beautiful results.

Here are just a few images to give you an idea of what we did:


If you're interested, you can see some of Maria's lettering here.

Certified Zentangle Teacher Training Update

For all who have registered, we will be sending out your welcome kit next week.

We still have space available so if you thought you had missed your chance to attend, you still have a chance.

Download your registration here. (pdf format)

If you're getting this newsletter for the first time, you can learn more about our teacher training seminar here. (Although this info is from our February 2009 seminar description, everything, except price, applies.)

Thanks again for joining us in this fascinating adventure and thank you for sharing your stories and Zentangles with us.

We look forward to seeing your response to this month's challenge.

See you soon.

Best regards,

Rick and Maria
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