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October 2008

We've had a busy month with our gallery opening and other projects we'll tell you about.

We have a seminar update and some wonderful stories and pictures for you plus a new tangle variant.


(If you have trouble seeing the images in your email, you can see an archive of this and other newsletters here.)
Gallery Opening



We had so much fun. It's a wonderful space and we're so grateful to Alternatives for all their help.

Here's a few pix of our friends enjoying Zentangles, conversation, refreshments, watching our DVD and listening to flute music.



Kids of all ages contributed to collaberative Zentangles.




Maria created a special series of Zentangles for this gallery opening using Conti crayon, chalk, pen and pencil on Lokta paper from Nepal.
We will be creating a special page on our website so you can see the whole exhibit, but for now, here are a couple of detail shots.

All gallery pieces (not yet sold) will also be available for purchase online.



The exhibit will be open through November. If you're planning to stop by, let us know and if we can, we'll give you a tour.
Zentangle Training Seminar
For all who have registered for our February 2009 seminar and for all who are planning to register (yes, there is still space available), or if you are just reading about this for the first time, here's some of our thoughts and intentions for this event.
  • Expect a wonderful welcome, full of pleasant surprises.
  • Receive necessary tools and training to create a viable additional stream of income. 
  • Graduates will be certified to teach Zentangle and can purchase Zentangle products at wholesale.
  • Gain accreditation and certification to add value to your organization, school or business (and your resume).
  • Enjoy an uplifting and enriching experience in a supportive and friendly environment.
  • Meet people from all over who appreciate Zentangle.
We believe this opportunity is coming at a good time. With our economy shifting, it is important to cultivate multiple sources of income.

And how great is it to look forward to hanging out and making friends with other folks who enjoy Zentangle.

Read more about our upcoming seminar here and here.
Zentangle Fusion

Michelle May invited us to participate in Worcester's first annual Halloween Cirque du Noir, a fundraiser at an area restaurant to benefit the Worcester County Foodbank. Along with a large assortment of donated art, we joined four other artists to create some "fusion" art as part of the evening's events.

With well over a hundred people watching, all six of us began at blank easels. After eight minutes, we rotated six times. Then we each did a five minute rotation. It was a great new experience for everyone.

All donated artwork and the fusion pieces were auctioned and 100% went to the foodbank. It was a great success. Here's a sample of what they they looked like.


Pokeroot Variant
If you've seen our Zentangle DVD, you've seen pokeroot in action. With a small change, we have a tangle that's perfect for autumn.

And . . .

Website Video Help
We're looking for someone to help us add video options to our website. If you know someone who's good at that, please drop us an email. Thanks.

Falmouth, Maine
We'll have more images from Falmouth for next month, but in the meantime here's a preview.


"These are Kindergarten, First and Second graders and they loved it!  They enjoyed your kit, they loved starting the year this way!  Thanks! Parents got involved, too. Zentangle is a Fermont School household word, That would be 700+ children Zentangling and checking out your website and sharing at home.  It was really fun!  I love my kit and the joy and creativity it inspired." 
J.N., Fermont Elementary Art Teacher


Workshop at Alternatives
Thanks to all who attended our recent workshops. We had a wonderful time.


As always, we are grateful to share this adventure with you and we look forward to meeting some of you at our training seminar.

Even if you aren't looking for additional income and just want to immerse yourself in a warm Zentangle atmosphere, we'd love to welcome you.

Best regards,

Rick and Maria
About Zentangle
Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

email: rickandmaria@zentangle.com
phone: 508-234-6843
web: zentangle.com