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New Look - New Attitude - New Adventures! January 2010
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Stone Mtn Hike Group

Stone Mountain Hike

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Hiking is the easiest and least expensive outdoor recreation activity, according to the American Hiking Society, and the mental health benefits are as just as bountiful as the physical ones.
Member Highlight
Garry Harris

Garry Harris

Garry is a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church, in Atlanta on historic Auburn Avenue, where he is over the SOLO (Singles) ministry.  He is in training to become a Hike Leader.

Member Shout Out
Greg - Janice Lawrence's Son
Let's keep in touch with Greg, the son of hiker Janice Lawrence  while he is in  Japan so he won't get homesick.  Visit his Blog to see what he is doing.  It is very interesting with photos and video.
She went to visit him for the holidays...we are looking forward to hearing about her trip!
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Happy Holidays & Happy Hiking
Hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as I am! 
The December hike to Stone Mountain, though cold was great.  Most of the hikers with us had not trekked the trail at Stone Mountain, so it is always an honor to introduce people to new experiences and adventures.  With that said, we have introduced hiking to more than 50 people, and have 2 Hike Leaders in training (Garry Harris and Alisha Smith), since we officially started in July! 
As I reflect over the year, I have much for which to be grateful.  It has been one of the most happiest and healthiest years of my life.  Starting Hartfield's Hikers has certainly been a great part of my wonderful year. I think about you, all the other wonderful people and the friendships that have been established as a result of the hikes. It warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.
Since Paulette and I are now 'certified' leaders, we are starting the New Year off by bringing our 'A' Game to the forefront.  Check out our new look for the newsletter and the Hartfield's Hikers web site.  We will bring you more pertinent information as we continue to celebrate life, each other and mother nature. We will also offer practical tips on improving your health and preserving God's green earth. 
Let us know what you think about what we are doing.  It really helps to hear from you.  Tell your friends about us also.  We are expanding our work and raising our voices as we promote the State and National park services, and other great American outdoors entities.  See you on the hikes!
With the stroke of my pen, I wish you everlasting love, peace and joy in 2010!
Carolyn Hartfield, The Hiking Lady
January Hike
Sweet Water Creek
Sweetwater Creek
Saturday, January 2
Rated: Easy to Difficult
Distance: 3 miles
This is our signature 'Resolution Hike.'  This is the time of year when a lot of us make New Year resolutions to become more fit and healthy.  So, this is your chance to start the year off right!
Get more information about Sweetwater Creek and RSVP to reserve your space on this beautiful trail. 

Sweetwater Creek is a state park thereby qualifying for a FREE Parking pass from the Public Library system.  Just go in and check it out as you would a library book.

Check out our Sweetwater Creek video...

NEW Activities for 2010
We are looking forward to an exciting year!..In addition to the wonderful monthly hikes, we expect to incorporate other activities such as bike riding, white water rafting, overnight trips, and visiting some of the National Parks. If you have an outdoor activity you would like to see, let us know. 
In the meantime, these are other activities in which we are participating during the month of January:
  • January 9 - Fit & Fabulous Boot Camp
  • January 16 - Silver Comet Bike Ride
  • January 18 - MLKJr Community Service Project
  • January 23 - Fit, Fabulous & 50+ Boot Camp
Contact Garry Harris for more information on above activities.

'Loving the Outdoors' Weekend Getaway

Get more information

Good Hiking & Health Tips
A hiking stick or trekking poles are good to have when the trail is rated moderate or higher. They really work especially well when you are going down hill.  They can take a lot of stress off of your knees, especially if you are a few pounds overweight.
Cold weather foods and snacks for hiking...  Calories are units of heat, which is why you use more of them in winter than in summer. That is why a bowl of oatmeal before you hike helps to keep you moving and also helps to keep you warm.
Granola, Oats/Other grains, Raisins & Peanuts/other nuts, (GORP) is considered the ideal energizing snack food for hikers.  It is really your own homemade trail mix. 
There   is NO COST to become a basic member or friend of Hartfield's Hikers and to continue receiving our newsletters and joining us on our monthly hikes.
We love what we do and are dedicated to keeping it going. As a result of hiker inquiries, we have established the 'Supporting' member subscriptions for only $10 a year to help us with ongoing operational expenses. 
Supporting member subscriptions will gain added value as we expand and reach out to partners, sponsors and advertisers. Supporting members will be the first to receive the added value and benefits from the relationships we form. 
Please accept our invitation to become a Supporting Member subscriber now by clicking below.


Monthly Survey
We continuously strive to not only work in a spirit of excellence, but also in a harmonious environment.  To accomplish this and ensure we are on the right trail (pun intended), we have implemented these monthly surveys so you can tell us how we are doing and offer suggestions on how we can better serve you.
Please take a few moments to answer our
5 question survey
Check Out Our Upcoming Hikes
Unicoi State Park
Unicoi / Helen
3 miles, one-way. Compacted Soil Surface. 2 hours, one-way / 4 hours, round-trip. Rated moderate to strenuous.

Hike from Unicoi State Park to Helen on a moderate to strenuous winding trail that starts out as the Bottom Loop Trail, then continues through stands of rhododendrons and mountain laurels to cross Lower Smith Creek. The trail crosses several small streams before reaching Unicoi Hill City Park in Helen.
Pine Mountain
Pine Mountain
This 3.2 mile-long loop trail introduces you to the plants and animals in a mixed oak-pine forest found along the headwaters of Mountain Creek. As the trail climbs and descends, look for changes between the drier ridges and the wetter stream bottoms. There are also differences due to past human activities. Early in the morning or just before sunset is a good time to hear woodpeckers tapping on snags or see deer grazing in forest glades.
Red Top Mountain
Red Top Mountain
This trail begins at the front porch of the park Visitor Center, turns north for one mile, crosses Lodge Road and then makes a 3.5 mile loop through some of the most beautiful areas of the park.
The loop portion of the trail follows the lakeshore for approximately half its length. Completion of the loop brings you back to the same one mile route to the front porch.
Carolyn Hartfield
 "The Hiking Lady"
Normally, we hike the first Saturday of every month unless posted otherwise. Our hikers are all ages, from youth to seniors. 
We simply ask you to make note of the length of the hike and the level of difficulty rating.  We are as fast as the slowest person...no need to feel pressured.  We enjoy nature and the company of each other as we hike the trails. 
Both Carolyn and Paulette, who is the Sweep (the person in the back to ensure no one is left behind) are 'Certified' Outings Leaders with the Sierra Club.  They hike as a team to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the hikers are assured.
Carolyn is available for speaking engagements on practical ways to improve your current state of health and wellbeing.  Her profession is Integrated Marketing Specialist.
"A loving attitude, enjoying life, and learning something new everyday is my goal."