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The summer is marching on and those of us staying put in the Northwest are largely escaping the heat that is baking the rest of the country, thank you very much. But wherever you are this summer, find out about a local showing of Fixing the Future; you could escape the heat for a couple hours and get inspired about a different kind of future at the same time.
Don't miss the Nationwide event "Fixing the Future" 7pm Wednesday
Fixing the Future will premiere across the country in 55 communities in 26 states.David Brancaccio will be talking about the film on NPR's Talk of the Nation on Tuesday, July 17th, 12:40-1:00pm
OfficeXpats is partnering with Sustainable Bainbridge and other local organizations to present the Bainbridge showing of a nationwide movie event Fixing the Future. The movie is showing Wednesday at 7pm downstairs on one of the Pavilion Cinema screens. After the event, please join us upstairs at OfficeXpats for drinks and nibbles provided by Local Harvest, and choose a table with reps from local groups to discuss a topic that inspired you during the movie.
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Happiness 2012 Conference
3rd 'Power of Photos' workshop this Tuesday at noon
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Happiness 2012 Conference - a strategic gathering

In July, 2011, the United Nations urged all member nations to make "the pursuit of happiness" the goal of their governments and find ways to measure their success. Last month we asked Happiness Initiative co-founder John De Graaf to come over from Seattle and talk to us about how the Happiness survey could impact  Bainbridge Island. We learned about how other towns and cities are using the survey results to review public policy priorities and engage with underserved communities.


Next steps? Let's get some BI folks heading over to the Happiness 2012 conference on August 24-25, 2012 at Seattle University. The keynote speaker is Eric Weiner of NPR, author of THE GEOGRAPHY OF BLISS. If you would like to help our island organize to take the survey, or if you are just curious about this movement, register to attend (and It's NOT expensive!). If you choose, let us know that you are going so that we can connect you with other BI "happiness delegates."

3rd 'Power of Photos' workshop this Tuesday at noon


In last week's session Steve showed a beautiful and powerful photo where the subjects popped with soft light and the background was subdued and dark, with enough visible detail to provide context but not competition for the photo's focus. How did he get this candid portrait? He never told his subjects where to sit or what to do, but he did his homework to increase the chances for getting that shot. This week Steve will teach us to notice more about light and how to capture it.


Bring your photos! We spent more than half the class looking at non-Steve photos. He loved some and gave useful feedback on all. More about the Power of Photos workshop here, and call 206 780-2177 to sign up.


Member news:


Carol Tice is giving a Fields' End talk on "20 ways to earn from your blog," July 17, 7-8:30, at the Writer's Roundtable at the Bainbridge Library (free). Come hear why some blogs become cash cows while most languish in obscurity. Learn how to get your blog noticed, draw a crowd, and then make blogging pay.

Events @OfficeXpats

  • Tuesdays in July, 12-1:30pm: Understanding the Power of Photos to Tell Your Story, with Steve Wilson
  • Wednesday July 18, 7pm: "Fixing the Future" movie event

Weekly Recurring Events:

  • Mondays 9:30-10am: Coworker check-in
  • Tuesdays 9am-12pm: PC tech support for members
  • Tuesdays 11am-12: Social media mentoring with Annette
  • Wednesdays 9-10am: Creating Health (weight loss support)
  • Thursdays 4:30pm: Coworker Happy Hour
  • Fridays 7:30-9am: Bainbridge Business Connection (BBC)

Save the dates: Tuesday workshops in August will explore


See our Events Calendar to save events to your calendar. Events are located at OfficeXpats and drop-ins are welcome unless otherwise noted.



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Who We Are

OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island is a community workplace following the coworking model. Our vision is to become THE place on Bainbridge Island where independent workers, small businesses, and big ideas find community and support.


OfficeXpats is located upstairs in the Pavilion on Madison, just a 10-minute walk from the ferry terminal, through beautiful downtown Winslow. We hope to help you in your quest for 'new ways to work.'

The Pavilion
The Pavilion


P.S. Please help us get the word out that coworking and meeting space is available in the Pavilion.  to other independent workers and small businesses!




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