Home of Hope Dream Center Nairobi Update


(This is a continuation of an email that we sent out in January.  If you did not receive this first email, please click here.)



- Pastor Jachin Mullen going to Nairobi on Thursday  

- "Home of Hope Dream Center" name approved

- House rented 

Daniel & Diana Bushebi

We have received approval from the Dream Center in Los Angeles to use the name "Home of Hope Dream Center".

Special thanks to those who have donated to help the Dream Center get started.  We appreciate your partnership! 


Pastor Daniel and Diana Bushebi and our Nairobi core team have been working diligently to get the Rescue Mission going for the babies that will be found in the 30-acre dump site.   




This week we hired people to stand watch in the dump and look for abandoned babies.  It is a big challenge for them to cover this main city dump of over 30 acres.  Also, it is during the night time that most newly born babies are thrown away and found dead in the morning. There is a nearby abortion clinic where sometimes aborted babies are thrown away but still alive.   

Caregiver: Asenath


After many obstacles and challenges, and seven houses later, we have finally secured a 4 bedroom house 7 km away from the city dump.  Our first child caregiver is Asenath (pronounced Ash-net).  One of the rooms will be used as an office with a computer for good communication.  There will be a lot of legal work involved to gain custody of the children. 


"When my father and my mother forsake me,
then the LORD will take me up." 
Psalm 27:10 

Here are some pictures of the house.  It is in a good neighborhood and has a nice interior. 

Dream Center: Front Door
The Front Door of House
Dream Center: Living Room
Setting up the Living Room
Dream Center: Kitchen

Pastor Jachin Mullen and Virgil Hrywkiw (from Red Deer, AB) will be arriving Thursday, February 17 at 5:00pm (Nairobi time) and will be going directly to the HOH Dream Center to dedicate this house to the Lord.  Then they will be having 3-hour training session with staff and volunteers. 


Please help cover this entire project in prayer including all the workers and Pastor Jachin and Virgil.



Would you like to go see this great project?Teams to Nairobi


You can join one of these 3 teams going to both Kenya and Rwanda, or go anytime during the year.  

  1. April 12-24 - Tricia Dekort & Jo Babin (from Edmonton Church on 99) are leading a team to Rwanda & Kenya.  Then the two girls will be staying in Rwanda until May 12. 
  2. July 29-August 10 - Dan Peters will be leading a team to Rwanda & Kenya. 
  3. December 2-16 - Brian Thomson will be leading a team to Rwanda & Kenya.