As I began this year, God has really gripped me with a project that I HAVE to get involved with.  I am wanting to keep you informed of what God is challenging me with this year:



God gave Dan Peters and I had a very productive trip to Africa in December.  The Holy Spirit was blowing on all of our Home of Hope projects and there are many new things we are praying about.  Some of you have heard me talk about how we have potentially 7 churches that could be started soon.  The foundation is being laid.

NAIROBI: Dumpsite Picture
I want to keep you informed about what I am personally praying lots about - it's in relation to our new Nairobi project that just started this last April.  
Two weeks ago, I became aware of a 30-acre dump near one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, Kenya.  20 live babies are being thrown away every month in this city dump!  Home of Hope is trying to take immediate action to raise money to rent a simple 3-bedroom house to start taking these babies in and caring for them; as well as to raise support for the key leaders who will oversee this. 

Here is a link that gives a full report by the key leader Pastor Daniel Bushebi -

We had a great prayer meeting on January 7 for 12 hours and I could feel something BREAK OPEN during the prayer time for Nairobi.  Since that prayer meeting - two couples have started sponsoring the project leaders, Daniel and Diana Bushebi (we still need more support each month, but it is a wonderful start).   Two other individuals have felt the burden to give $200/month to George.  He is the key assistant who is the Life-group leader in the slum near the big dump site.
I have spoken with Pastor Daniel a lot this week and just finished 2 hours in an online chat. I asked him what we can do immediately to move things forward.  He suggested we believe to rent a 3 Bedroom House and start taking in desperate children and babies from the dump, like a temporary DREAM centre until we can get it placed into a family with sponsorship from HOH. 

1. We could rent a house for ONLY $411/month CAD (need 2 months rent up front to get into the unit $822). This house would be big enough for 2 care leaders and 16 children. 
2. We would need to buy all the furniture and start up expenses in the house. (includes table and chairs, 6 bunk- beds, beddings, curtains, kitchen utensils etc) approx = $2382 CAD
3. We could hire a care worker for $90 a month + room and board in the house for 8 children each. 2 Care workers $180 total per month  
4. Monthly costs 

a.      Electricity Deposit  = $42 CAD/month

b.      Water Supply Deposit = $18 CAD/month

c.      House Supplies - toiletries, detergents etc approx  = $115 CAD

d.      Food Approx  = $457 CAD 

e.      Total for the month (including rent) = $1020 CAD

f.       Support to caregivers ($90 each) or $180 total salary each month

Total $1200 a month for this style of dream center for children


LONG TERM - Pastor Daniel is going to the Government officials to inform them our intention to help these children and ask them for FREE LAND, or the free use of land for a number of years.   One sponsor is suggesting that we try to buy some portables to move onto the land for an office, or a Church, or a home.  Then when we get something permanent we can move it to one of our 5 other projects in Nairobi. 

Thanks for your prayers regarding this new possible project.
If you would like to receive on-going information about this start-up project, please let us know!  

Also, please pray for Pastor Jachin Mullen who is going to Rwanda and Nairobi mid-February, Pastor Larry and Brenda Handford who are going to Home of Hope India in February, and Dan Peters and I who are leading a team to HOH India in May.  We are also fund raising for cash or airmiles to bring all of our International pastors to Canada for 3 weeks in July for training and for Friendships for Life Conference. Dan will be going back to Rwanda with a team July 29.  I will be going back to Rwanda and Nairobi this fall. Eunice Danielson is also asking me to go help Turkey this fall. 

Please feel free to email or phone me with any questions. 

Have a great day! 

Brian Thomson
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