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No. 32
August 4, 2011
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Mark's New Project

Thanks for your interest in my book, "Lean Hospitals." You can now pre-order the 2nd edition on Amazon. The significantly updated book is currently going through the editing and rework phases of the book production "value stream," but it should be available in November. The revised cover can be viewed here.

You might note the subtitle has changed to "Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement" (more about that in the last newsletter)

In the past month, there is a new agreement to translate the book into Arabic, thanks to the Lean Gulf Institute. This is the seventh language to date, in addition to English.

I am also close to finishing the initial manuscript for my second book, titled  Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Improvements. It will be out in early 2012.

Good luck with your ongoing improvement efforts in these challenging times,

Mark Graban

37th Annual Operational Excellence Conference
Partners in Business is a student-run conference at Utah State University. I was a speaker a few years back and really enjoyed the whole event (Dr. John Toussaint was also a speaker that year).

This year's event, which I unfortunately can't attend, is September 28-29 in Logan, Utah. I'm happy to be a promotional partner and to share this high-quality event with you.

Click here to learn more or to register.


Mark's Upcoming Events
Here are some upcoming events where I will be a speaker or an attendee. Hope to see you there.

North Texas Society for Healthcare Risk Management Education Day
September 23, Grapevine, TX
I'll be a keynote speaker at this event.

IIE Best Practices in Lean & Six Sigma Applied to Healthcare
October 24, Plano, TX
I will be giving a new talk on healthcare kaizen a part of an outstanding daylong program.

AME Annual Conference
October 24-28, Dallas TX
I will be volunteering and attending at this outstanding event, one that has more healthcare content and attendees each year.


Speaking Engagements
 If you are interested in having to speak to your organization or at a conference, you can learn more and contact me here.


I can give a number of talks, ranging from the broad to the specific, and ranging from the serious to the fun side, such as my new keynote ("Warning: Signs! From Cautionary Circulars to Proactive Prevention") that I first presented in September to very positive reviews. 

Recent Posts from Mark's LeanBlog.org 

For all healthcare-related posts, click here.

08-02-2011 05:00:22 AM

Last week, I posted a podcast with Mike George, founder of Strong America Now, an organization that is promoting Lean and Six Sigma methods to our political leaders and government. Much of the discussion, maybe unfortunately, was focused on Mr. George and his approach ("Lean Six Sigma") rather than the potential for using Lean to [...]...


07-27-2011 05:00:41 AM

As I've worked with different hospitals and different leaders, I've sometimes wondered if there's been a study on the differences in results between hospitals that have a physician CEO vs. those that have a non-physician CEO. Which hospitals have better quality? Which have better financial results? The New York Times "Well" blog recently addressed this [...]...


07-25-2011 05:00:15 AM

This blog post contains a real job posting, found online. Let's make this a reader participation challenge. I see maybe three things "wrong" or at least questionable about this posting. What say you? I'll let the readers chime in before adding my thoughts on the three things that make me go "hmmmmm." Click "comments" to participate [...]...


07-23-2011 09:00:52 AM

Here's a nice video that popped on YouTube from the Toronto-area University Health Network system, with healthcare professionals talking about how Lean has led to a better work environment, a new culture, and an increased capacity to care for more patients... a nice video to end the week with (and reflect upon your own Lean [...]...

Ways to Buy "Lean Hospitals" (First Edition) in Different Formats

You can, of course, buy a traditional paperback version, but there are other buying options.

You can buy a secure PDF copy of my book "Lean Hospitals" via the DocStoc online service. Click here to see details and to buy.

You can buy the book through the Google Bookstore. These e-books are compatible on the Nook, Sony Reader, and other devices.

To buy a Kindle version, click here. These can be read on Kindles, iPads, PCs, Macs, and sorts of hardware.

For those who have asked about audiobook versions, I would LOVE to do one. I am going to do a test with the newly revised Chapter 1 of Lean Hospitals, gathering data to help convince the publisher they should try this. Read more about it on my blog and contact me if you'd like to be notified with more info on this experiment.

Other Book Recommendations

Here are some other books I wholeheartedly recommend:

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