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     Last February, with much fear and trepidation, I sent out a perfectly foolish e-newsletter for Valentine's, and called it the "Lawyers in Love" version of LEGAL TRENDS.  In it, I offered such suggestions as romancing your sweetie with a top movie about lawyers or one of the top lawyer TV shows, and even had a link to Jackson Browne's hit from the 80's by the same name.    

     Wouldn't you know it?  Of all the LEGAL TRENDS e-newsletters, it has been one the most popular.  So, for better or worse, we are back for Round Two...


     This Valentine's Day, employment lawyer Daniel Schwartz from Connecticut warns us to avoid the temptation of sending an overly affectionate note to a co-worker.  In his employment law blawg, he warns about several bad scenarios during this season of (not-in-the-office!) love.
     Believe it or not, there are at least a few attorneys (besides myself) who actually love what they do.  This month's ABA Journal highlights a podcast with the stories of several who "Love Being a Lawyer."

      For the 500 or so Super Bowl fans who were yelling "Where is the love!?!" (and other less printable things) after being told their seats were no longer available, there seems to be a cottage litigation industry developing over those fans left "jilted" earlier this month.  NBC Sports reports that some of the websites promoting possible class action suits may themselves violate the NFL's copyrights.

     Finally, speaking of the Super Bowl, I have some family who live about three miles from the "Death Star" (the nickname of the locals for the Cowboys' mega-stadium).  They were kind enough to invite me down for the festivities around town.  While on the plane, I came across this quote by Washington attorney John Vail in last month's TRIAL Magazine:


The law is not a set of abstract rules.  The law is a group of flawed humans struggling their mightiest to apply the experiences of those who have come before them to the problems they face today.  Being part of that effort is a great honor.  Struggle mightily. 


     OK, so it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day...Except to say that I "loved" the wisdom contained in it. 

     Have a sweet week!  And, as always, if you are just not "feeling the love" on some legal issue, feel free to give me a call.  Even if I can't help, I'll do my best to point you to someone who can.

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