Special  "LAWYERS IN LOVE " Edition
                                                              VALENTINE'S WEEK - February 2010
Shirtsleeves     Things have been pretty hectic since the last newsletter. (If you are reading this, that means you must have followed all those good safety rules in the special Halloween issue.)  Between all the holidays and New Year resolutions -- and a Federal Court civil trial that kept me, oh, just a little busy -- there's been no time to share much in the way of "Legal Trends, Odds & Ends."
     Ah, but now it's February, and nothing says "Love" like Valentine's greetings from a lawyer.  I hope you enjoy this light-hearted look at several ways that you might share more "law" with that special someone in this month of affectionate celebrations.
     After all, what could be more romantic than "Lawyers in Love"?!?
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Let's just stay home tonight, dear, and litigate... 
     A quiet evening by the and your loved one, curled up on the couch, watching a movie together.  But instead of those silly romantic movies, get something that will really stir the passionate flames -- movies about lawyers!
      The American Bar Association recently published its list of The Top 25 Lawyer Movies, and of course there were MANY from which to choose.  They got it absolutely right, in my view, with the #1 pick -- To Kill A Mockingbird.  (Gregory Peck's portrayal of small-town southern lawyer Atticus Finch provides inspiration to all lawyers about what this profession can be.)  For a fun "date" movie, however, it is hard to beat My Cousin Vinny, #3 on the ABA's list.  
Too cheap for a movie?  Just turn on the TV... 
     The ABA also released a list of The 25 Greatest Legal TV Shows.  With 300 channels these days on satellite and cable, surely the #1 show is playing somewhere.  (CLICK here to find out what it is.) 
Issue a Restraining Order on the Remote. 
     WARNING:  This is just for the truly adventuresome...those romantics not satisfied with just staring at a screen to be entertained, but willing to take on a little role-playing to make their relationships have more "appeal" so to speak.
     If you are the daring type, check out this hot website where your "supreme" fantasies can be indulged...
(Players are standing by to see your briefs.)
And LawyersInLOVEfinally, the truth about that song... 
     Just about every year around this time, someone cracks a joke about that big 80's hit "Lawyers in Love." 
     But did you know that this song -- despite its title --  had nothing to do with "lawyers" or "love"?  Hey, don't take my word for it; listen to the artist, Jackson Browne
     I rest my case.
     Happy Valentine's!
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