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Figuring Out Numerals
is an excellent and informative two part article written by Yves Peters for The FontFeed blog. In it he explains and illustrates the differences between oldstyle and lining figures, as well as tabular and proportionally spaced figures.

Read both
post 1 and  post 2  to help end your confusion (or just reinforce what you already know). It's a wonderful synopsis of the different styles of numbers by a very knowledgable guy.

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Issue 32             
   November 2011 

Loose Talk book cover

It's not often that I get to design a book jacket and the lettering...I really enjoyed the process.
For Benie.   
Type Games    
Test your type ability and have fun too.
Kern me, an online type game

Numerous type and font games have sprung up on the Internet and gained a fair amount of popularity recently. Try five of them yourself and read gourmet typographer Ilene Strizver's thoughts about each. See how good you are at kerning type, correcting the shape of a letter, identifying fonts....or even discerning whether you are being presented with the name of a cheese or the name of a font.

While entertaining and educational, I preferred my own solution to that of "Kern Type", as did many typophiles I know. Still, it was intriguing to do and potentially has educational value. And I enjoyed seeing how many fonts I know. See what you think.

Note from Jill
The Dueling Fiddlers
I liked Adam DeGraff
the minute I met him in Korea, and when he joined forces with the equally amiable Russell Falstaff creating The Dueling Fiddlers, their innovative rock violin sound topped my list of unique, amazing listening experiences. It was such a pleasure working with them on this new logo too, as well as having the opportunity to hear them play live.


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