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Love these ten points of advice from type authority and author Ilene Strizver. Not written in stone, but sure to inform, amuse, and speed you on your way to better typography.


Here's an example: 

Six: I shall not murder type by applying over-the-top distortion, including scaling, extensive outlines, shadows, glows, or any computer effect that goes too far.


XYZ lettering   


There's  more of my lettering work to be seen.

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Issue 29             
August 2011 

An art director I have worked with recently called me to say he is getting married in the fall and asked if I'd like to do a tongue-in-cheek swashy calligraphic cartouche for his wedding, I was happy to oblige. I ended up doing one for the RSVP card too.  It was so much fun and is such a beautiful letterpress piece, I just had to share. Best wishes Emily and Robert!

Letter art

Five links for some summer fun

Ryo Shimizu
Escapee type

This is a pretty amazing project by  Ryo Shimizu: a huge wall of words, letters, many of them seemingly fallen on the floor. Visually stunning, great photos.


TED talk about 3D objects and type
What if h is a chair

Andrew Byrom shines in this TED talk about how his fonts and letters are influenced by 3 dimensional objects around him, and vice versa: how letters influence his furniture design and other 3D creations.
A grand grand finale.
(scroll down to this video on the great ilovetypography site)


pedestrian sign   

Brilliant responses

We've all received funny signs in our e-mail and enjoyed them. These take it one step further as signs become interactive art where people respond to the signs, often directly on the signs. They are funnier too!
There is a collection of humorous signs on this site too.


Tamaki embroidered cove

Embroidered bookcovers


Illustrator Jillian Tamaki has a unique spin on creating book covers: she embroiders them. Here are three done for Penguin.   











Paper B by Sabeena Karnik Paper letters


Sabeena Karnik has created these beautiful letters from strips of different colored paper. Each letter form has a slightly different treatment, all resulting in some very lovely pieces. She has completed from A-Q; I hope she does the rest.

Note from Jill
Hope you are enjoying your last month of summer as much as I am.

Happy lettering.
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