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What can you do with web fonts?
See for yourself!

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Ilene Strizver of The Type Studio has written a great article, and better yet, has provided links to some exciting web sites designed with web fonts that show how creative they can be.

You've seen it,
(web fonts above)
now do it.

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Typekit makes it easy to use web fonts. Just add a line of code to your pages and choose from hundreds of fonts. Simple, bulletproof, standards compliant, accessible, and
totally legal.
Try it. You'll like it.
y legal.

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There's  more lettering work to be seen.

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Issue 22             
Nov 2010
Foreign language calendars with illustrations
The most fun I've had in a long time was doing 16 brush drawn illustrations for 4 foreign language desk calendars. You will have to wait until the end of next year to buy them though.
Andrews McMeel.

Letter art
My type of furniture

NY and LA tables

I love these these NY and LA tables, and admire the ingenuity of Miron Lior of 
Faktura in New York. They feature a powder-coated steel frame finish and a Corian or bamboo top and are available in various colors. Clever.
The always fabulous
Newberry Library

The Newberry Library
The Newberry Library is a must-see for graphic designers and lovers of type and lettering who visit Chicago.Their book and printing collection in the Wing Foundation is extensive and impressive.

The Newberry has a rich and varied collection of manuscripts ranging from medieval Books of Hours to twentieth-century scrapbooks and letters. Calligraphy, type and type-founding, technical innovations in printing, design usage and theory, bookselling, book binding, papermaking, the history of book collecting, and the history of libraries are other important themes. Modern manuscripts and archives in the Wing collection include
the papers of such figures as Raymond F. DaBoll, James Hayes, Douglas McMurtrie, Robert Hunter Middleton, Will Ransom, George Salter, and Platt Rogers Spencer. It's easy to spend a few days just looking at the wonderful hand lettering they have in their collection.

The Newberry Library is open to all readers who are at least sixteen years of age or older, or who are at least juniors in high school, free of charge.
Note from Jill
Busy busy. Gratefully so. I hope that you too had a productive year!

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