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New web fonts!
Google Font API
Google Font API arrives
Google recently launched Google Font API (application programming interface) that will make it a lot easier for web developers and publishers to use a variety of new fonts on their sites. Google is among the many companies working to make it easier for developers to use a  variety of fonts on the web that go beyond the standard set of "web-safe" fonts that come pre-installed on most modern computers.

While Matthew Carter's fonts for the web (Georgia, Verdana) that he designed for Microsoft are still perhaps the best that are free, despite Google's efforts to provide alternatives (do check them out), it's great that soon there will be as many choices on the web as there are in print.

Most type designers and graphic designers have been waiting for an encoding solution that keeps their fonts from being pirated during web use and it looks like we are as close to that as possible.

If you need some additional help with Google Font API, try Chris Spooner's tutorial on how to use and download Google's free web fonts.

Next month: how to really get those high quality fonts working on your web site.


There's  more lettering work to be seen.

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Issue 21             
September 2010
Lauren Conrad style.

It shows the clout an author has when they are given a say about their book cover. With how fabulously Conrad's previous books have sold, it's no surprise that this "Style" was a blend of the styles of the art director, Conrad and myself.

The book will be in the stores October 5th.

Letter art
Paula Scher's got it covered

Paula Scher at Queens campus

This picture says it all. Hiding behind that rolled canvas is Paula Scher, well known for her dynamic use of typography in graphic design as well as her hand drawn map-like paintings. Now the paintings are gracing the walls of schools in Queens, NY.

The murals
were completed as a commission for the Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art program, in partnership with the NYC School Construction Authority Public Art for Public Schools program. As in her other map paintings, locations in the murals are misspelled or misidentified creating a chaotic yet recognizable sense of place.
Fabulous fun!

The End of Movable Type in China

Cases full of Chinese lead typeWhile letterpress is as trendy as can be now (the type of heavy pressure printing where it looks like embossing), unfortunately it's nearing it's end in China.

With such a vast number of glyphs (in the five digit range) composing one font, it is easy to see why  movable type didn't readily catch on in the first place (the Chinese used movable type 400 years before Gutenberg) and why it has now fallen out of favor. Cheryl Yau has written a
great article about visiting one of the few remaining letter press printers in Hong Kong and the diminishing practice.
Note from Jill
After editing so many film title sequences for my presentation about Harold Adler's hand lettered titles for TypeCon last month, I finally decided to put a few of my own online. Alright, the files are a bit big, but when I reduced them the lettering pixelated and it drove me nuts ;-)  High speed rocks!

Check them out!

Happy lettering.

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