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Issue 12             
September 2009
Coco Chanel at South Coast Plaza

One of the many pieces I've lettered for South Coast Plaza. They are 10 ft. tall and as wide as they need them to be to cover stores as they move out, move in and remodel.  Prints of these are now on exhibit at the Delphic Games in Korea (see my note at the bottom) in more modest dimensions. See more of these lovely quotations.
Design: John Coy

Letter art
June CorleyJune Corley type elephant
A world of type and amazing things.
The typographic menagerie of June Corley is truly charming, and yet sophisticated. June began June Corley manmaking type sculptures three years ago. As a collector of old signage letters and letterpress blocks, she had originally displayed them in a proper manner hung on her walls. But after moving, they got all jumbled up and when she was unpacking them, the creatures started appearing before her very eyes. Fortunately for us, she acted on her vision.
The link above leads to an abundance of other great images on Flickr.

MayanWill the world end in 2012?
Some think the world will end in fire, some ice. Some followers of Mayan prophecy think the world will end in 2012. But Mayan scholar, professor and fellow lettering artist Mark Van Stone thinks otherwise. He has a great website discussing just what it is that the ancient Maya have to tell us, with some wonderful illustrations for the visually oriented.

Note from Jill
I'm off to South Korea as you read this newsletter. I am one of three calligraphy Delphic logo'maestros' at the Delphic Games, an international contest of the arts, being held on Jeju Island. I will be judging the calligraphy contest along with a calligrapher from Taiwan and one from the middle east. I will also give a presentation and a short workshop, and there are also 24 pieces of my lettering work in an exhibit that includes the Coco Chanel quote that you see at the top of this newsletter. A few others from this series can be seen on my site. This is my first trip to asia and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'd never heard of the Delphic Games before but was excited to find out that such an event exists. I hope it really takes off and helps people in the arts to gain international recognition. Of course I also hope it helps promote global
harmony and more international events like this.
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