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Typographica is a great place for the type fan: lots of reviews of typefaces and type books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design. There are beautiful, easy to view displays of many newly released fonts. Edited by the highly respected Stephen Coles,

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Issue 11             
July 2009

Rune Warriors

I love lettering book covers, particularly children's books that invariably are colorful and have great illustrations. Here's a recent one with beautiful, slick, reflective effects on the cover.
Lettering: Jill Bell
Type History
Goodbye Gutenberg, Hello Jikji
The earliest book printed with movable metal type
was Korean...and a Buddhist text

Jikji is the abbreviated title of the oldest extant book that was printed using movable metal type. Printed in 1377 in Korea, it precedes Gutenberg's 42-Line Bible by 78 years. The information about its printing is recorded in the book's postscript (a colophon of sorts) and is verified by a record indicating that in 1377 the author's students, the priests Seoksan, Daldam and the female priest Myodeok, published Jikji using moveable metal type. Jikji

The title Jikji is an abbreviation for the full title: Baegun Hwasang Chorok Buljo Jikji Simche Yojeol , or The Monk Baegun's Selected Teachings of Buddhist Sages and Seon Masters. The Jikji was written by the Buddhist monk Baegun (1298-1374, Buddhist name Gyeonghan), who served as the chief priest of Anguk and Shingwang temples in Haeju, and was published in two volumes in Seongbulsan in 1372. Seon is the predecessor to Zen.

The only surviving copy is the second volume, now in the Manuscrit Orianteaux of the National Library of France. Other editions of the complete two volumes are in libraries and museums in Korea and elsewhere.

Note from Jill
This is the one year anniversary of Letter New Newsletter. I hope you'll go back and check out some of the previous issues if you've missed them. I still like the first one best, although that may be because I finally just did it!

Thanks for your time... and interest in letters!

Hope you are enjoying summer as much as I am.
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