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Most of your fonts contain more characters than you can access from the keyboard. If you want to find them in the quickest way possible, then
PopCharX is the solution.

Whenever you need a special character, you just click the tiny "P" icon in the menu bar to display a table of characters. When you select the desired character, it instantly appears in place in your document.

PopChar supports Unicode as well as older applications that utilize the smaller ASCII character set. Sure makes finding that or € a lot easier.
Free trial use or purchase for €29.99 or about $39.
PopChar Win available for Windows too.

Buddha Beads

There's a lot more of my lettering work
to be seen:
original lettering, logotypes, fonts
and more.
Take a look.
Issue 8           
April 2009

Loehmann's type sample

Jill Bell's new font family design for Loehmann's department store

Ann Hechle: calligraphy as experiment,
expression and vocation

Ann Hechle is a major figure in contemporary British calligraph
y and an inspiration to all who love and create letters. The Crafts Study Centre has a lovely collection of her work with some beautiful samples and commentary online at the VADS site. 

Hechle's pioneering interpretive lettering seeks to capture and convey the meaning of the text through varying possibilities in the letter forms, sizes, placement, etc. While more classical in execution, it is reminiscent of other expressive
work done with letters such as the typography of the Dadaists, or more recently that of Rick Valicenti, and is both beautiful and thought provoking.
Upcoming Presentations
On Saturday April 25th, Jill Bell will present
Top ten things everyone should know about
(type and alphabets)

AAF club members from Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas will meet for the annual spring conference bringing together the District AAFADDY award show and National Student Advertising Competition with outstanding speakers and breakout sessions from the ever popular Creative Bloc.
Holiday Inn Five Flags in downtown Dubuque, IA   April 23-25.
More information.
Other upcoming presentations:
Alphabet Soup, Society for Calligraphy,  LA, June 7th,
And at the Delphic Games, Jeju City, South Korea, September, 2009.
Note from Jill
I do hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am. It's a welcome reprieve from the dismal grays of winter, the withering economy and all. May spring's energy prevail.


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