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Issue 9           
May 2009
Mauri Pioppo
Logotype, monogram and other decorative graphic devices created by Jill Bell for Mauri Pioppo Fine Jewelry
The unsung lettering star of Angels and Demons
Angels and Demons
John Langdon's ambigrams have always awed and intrigued everyone who encounters them and now they are amazing moviegoers as well. Langdon's ambigrams and lettering play a crucial element in the plot of Angels & Demons, the recently released blockbuster.  In a suitable tribute by author Dan Brown, Langdon is also the surname of the main character (played by Tom Hanks) who appropriately is a symbologist.

For inquiring minds out there, an ambigram is a word that reads correctly from multiple directions. In the case below, the Ilumminati mark reads the same from more than one vantage point (turned upside down) and has ambigrammatic qualities. Langdon's site contains more wonderful examples (books available) and  generously explains how to create your own ambigrams. And check out the movie.


Upcoming Presentation in LA
Alphabet Soup
Sunday, June 7:
Alphabet Soup

Please join me for a hearty serving of lettering wisdom presented with a spicy dollop of irreverence as I stir it all up in a base of sound typographic and lettering principles. I'll be dishing it out about jobs, clients and freelancing, sharing the recipe for my work and working process, and topping it off with current trends in lettering and typography ...all in about an hour or less. Stay for the souped up grand finale and a keepsake (my attempt at baiting the audience-and abusing this metaphor to the max).

Annual General Meeting of the Society for Calligraphy, Southern California.
Emerson Adult Learning Center, 8810 E. Emerson Ave., Westchester. 11:00 am to 3:00 pm (luncheon). All are welcome.
For further information contact Carrie Imai.

Note from Jill
Ah...the best of spring is here. Enjoy!


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