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Through the years, friends have asked me to write how Feng Shui and the power of intention were used to manifest a loving partner in my life. When I finally decided to tell my story, I had no idea how long it would take. There were times it seemed to take on a life of its own, but below is the final chapter of the process. Of course, the ending is only the beginning.

Love is the beginning of the journey, its end, and the journey itself. - Deepak Chopra
  dalai lama
It is synchronistic that I conclude our story in May, the month Tom and I celebrate our fifth anniversary. Also in this same month, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama teaches the purpose of our lives is to be happy. It is amazing how we so often stand in our own way and sabotage that simple, but essential emotion.

Deepak Chopra says, "Happiness is not something made. It comes from your own actions."

There were many times during my process of calling in a partner where my actions could have easily blocked  the opportunity to receive love. The process of change is always difficult, partly because of our fear of the unknown and more significantly because it challenges our comfort level; in fact it requires that we step right out of it!

When we decide to shift or re-adjust our old habits and ways of thinking, a fresh identity of ourselves gradually emerges. New habits evolve and suddenly we find ourselves in a brand new comfort zone!

Years ago, my identity as a wife shifted to that of a single woman. I gradually became comfortable in/with that new identity. I developed habits of a single woman and shut the door to any other way of being. Years later that decision was abruptly challenged by a simple question: "Don't you think it is time for you to call in a partner?" 
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I have since come to understand Deepak Chopra's observation, "The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness!" The expansion of happiness is limitless when our hearts are open to receive love.

Creating Space for Love, Conclusion

In the summer of 2003, an unusual journey had begun for me without my recognizing that I was on one. Nine months later, the time it takes to create a new life, on a beautiful Saturday in April little did I suspect that, metaphorically speaking, my new life was about to be born.

Tom was picking me up the evening of April 3rd to attend the birthday party my acupuncturist was having for her husband. My older daughter called several days prior to the event to let me know she would be there, too, as she had been asked to assist with kitchen duties, keeping food replenished, etc. It would be the first time Kira and Tom would meet. I hadn't introduced them prior to that, as I wasn't planning on anything serious developing in the relationship.

It was an uneventful week, but when I woke up that morning, I felt very different! It was as if I was 16 again and had a special date to the prom! I was inexplicably filled with an energy I hadn't felt in years! I was excited, anxious and nervous! I took all day to get ready for the party! I was excited for Tom to pick me up, I was excited to attend the party and I was most excited to have him and my daughter meet!

I don't know if he noticed, but when I got into Tom's car that evening, I felt giddy! I recall it was a gorgeous evening. As we were driving, I called his attention to the full moon that was coming up! Now, Tom is always aware of the moon and its stages. He told me it was not yet a full moon. "It looks full to me," I said. He answered, "Well, it must be an Abrahamson full moon." I loved that accommodation!

What a pleasure it was to observe Tom and my daughter meet for the first time upon our arrival. She had obviously been watching for us as she came out to greet us almost as soon as we stepped inside our host's home. I stood back and watched the energy exchange: They were both warm in their greeting - Tom ready to love Kira because she was my daughter; Kira wanting to make sure Tom was a good person for her mom. In fact, I felt like the teenage daughter introducing her date to her mother. It was an interesting and strange role reversal that transpired in the blink of an eye.

Shortly thereafter, I unexpectedly heard a whisper in my ear. "I love you," it said. I froze and then experienced a bit of a panic attack. "Why are you saying that?" I asked. "Because it's true," I heard Tom's voice respond. A flood of emotions rushed through me. Could I admit that I had also fallen in love with him? Could I trust the emotions, both his and mine?

I'm not sure how I got through the rest of the evening. I do know we had fun and I was very happy! I remember my daughter telling Tom as we left the party, "Take good care of my mom." Who was the parent? It was a magical evening, if not a bit overwhelming!

feeling secureEverything changed from that evening on! We were in love! While I was ultimately able to connect with that emotion, I initially found myself very pragmatic. My concept of myself as the idealistic romantic was challenged! I know this was fear. I had been single for over 13 years and quite happy, I might reiterate, playing it safe! Now I was vulnerable. The important piece, however, is that though I felt vulnerable, I felt safe.

Over the next several months, we discussed his moving in with me. No small feat for, as you recall, I had filled every inch of my home. While I had made space by clearing out a section of my closet and cleared out a drawer to create space for calling in a partner, the reality of another person actually moving in was a bit mind-boggling, to say the least. But I began clearing in earnest and we made adjustments along the way, such as buying a new dresser for him as well as a new bookcase.

Before we began that transition, however, I communicated with my home. This is an important aspect of traditional Feng Shui thought: you treat your home as a separate entity and respect its energy and effect on your life. I shared with my home that there was an energy shift to come with Tom joining the household. I could almost feel my home smiling in response and knew it was happy as well.

Tom and I were always in agreement about our commitment to one another and neither of us felt the need to get married. However, synchronicity was about to intervene again.

In May,2006, we traveled to China and Tibet
on a Feng Shui-focused tour. And it just so happened, included in the group of 21 travelers were three ofthe original four Feng Shui Love Divas! It started almost immediately. "Why don't you and Tom get married on this trip?" At first we took it lightly, but as the tour progressed, the question continued to be lovingly asked. Everyone seemed to be conspiring to make it happen.

After about a week of this persistence, Tom and I decided we should take the question seriously. After all, some of these same friends had encouraged me to set the intention back in 2003 to make room, emotionally and physically, for a life partner. They had both Tom's and my best interest at heart as they were gently, if persistently, encouraging this next step in our relationship.

With the question hanging over our heads, Tom and I looked at each other one evening and, almost simultaneously, said, "Let's do it!" My only request was that we marry in Tibet. I had traveled there previously and had fallen in love with the area and its people. Tom was definitely agreeable. The next day at lunch, we announced to the rest of the group that we were getting married in Tibet!

Mind you, we had no idea how this ceremony would take place, where it would take place or when! We had only four days in Tibet and every day was already planned out for us. But we set that intention and shared it with our fellow travelers. The excitement meter maxed out and the energy level was palpable!

Several days later,potala we entered Lhasa, Tibet. Located at the bottom of a small basin surrounded by the Himalaya Mountains, Lhasa has an elevation of over 12,000 feet and lies in the centre of the Tibetan Plateau with the surrounding mountains rising to 18,000 ft. The air only contains 68% of the oxygen compared to sea level. We were were never certain if we noticed the reduction in oxygen because we were so happy!

Our intention was immediately shared with outempler Tibetan tour guide. He enthusiastically responded he had been a Tibetan monk in theJokhang Temple, the most sacred temple in Tibet. When his father died, Tibetan tradition required he return home to assist his mother and go to work to support the family. He left the monastery and became a tour guide. With his connection to the temple, our new friend could arrange for us to have our wedding ceremony in the Temple!

Suddenly our wedding was a reality and our fellow travelers excitedly took on the role of wedding party. Each had a job to do, some of which included finding a bottle of wine, buying wine cups, locating two long stem red roses, and purchasing a wedding bowl for the rings. Carole and Tom Hyder, our tour leaders, accompanied Tom and me through the market outside the sacred Jokhang Temple to find something for me to wear. I purchased a beautiful brocade jacket from a vendor who took pride in being the one who sold me my wedding outfit. Our happiness and the excitement of our group's energy was contagious. It seemed everyone there, tourist and vendor, knew about it!

Tom and I wrote our vows and Carole and Tom Hyder, who is an ordained minister, wrote the wedding ceremony. On a stunningly beautiful afternoon, our wedding procession was led into an area of the Jokhang Temple where tourists are not allowed. Just prior to entering, each of us was required to purchase a Tibetan Scarf called a 'Khata'. It is usually made of white silk, symbolizing the pure heart of the giver. It is often given as a gift at special Tibetan ceremonies, such as weddings, funerals, births, graduations, and arrival and departure of guests. Tibetan people commonly give a kind acknowledgment of good luck at the time of presenting the Khata.

The Tibetan monks at the Temple invited us to participate in a special blessing
prior to escorting us to where our wedding would take place. Following the blessing, we entered the beautiful ceremonial room where our tour guide had arranged to have the monks chanting and drumming. During this 20 minute ceremony, our loving friends and colleagues came one by one to share well wishes and blessings as they each placed their Khata around our necks.

Following the chanting, Tom and I presented the monks with traditional red envelopes containing donations to the Temple. Then it was time to exchange our vows. ceremonyWith our wonderful friends standing as witnesses, Tom Hyder spoke of our sacred ceremony of spiritual union, blending East and West, ancient with modern, and we exchanged our vows and rings. This amazing wedding ceremony, taking place over seven thousand miles from home and in one of the highest cities in the world, was stunningly rich with intention and love.

weddingcakeFollowing our procession from the temple, we were taken to a traditional Tibetan restaurant where we participated in a wedding feast. At its conclusion we were presented with a wedding cake - Tibetan style. They weren't sure how to decorate a wedding cake for westerners and had no traditional bride and groom to place on top. So they made it as festive and meaningful as possible and used what they had. Our cake was decorated with frosting flowers, two cat figures, a lotus candle that, when lighted, opens, spins around and plays "Happy Birthday." It was perfect! And even though Tibet is not a region not known for desserts, the cake was surprisingly delicious.

ceremonyTom and I could not have dreamed of this day, let alone planned it! Our wedding was an inspiring example of the power of setting a pure and focused intention, then completely letting go of questioning how it might happen, as well as avoiding any and all attempts at controlling the outcome!

We simply created our intention about what we desired, and shared it with our travel companions, who, in turn, focused their collective intentions on our behalf. From that moment on, the age-old process carried us along effortlessly as it evolved to culminate in our extraordinary wedding ceremony.

"An intention synchronistically organizes its own fulfillment." Deepak Chopra

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Many blessings,
Hinda Abrahamson

"A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions."- Oliver Wendell Holmes
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On Wednesday, June 22 at 7:30 pm at Beth El Synagogue, Rabbi Kushner - author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People - will present "Living a Life that Matters."  Tickets and further information are available here.


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