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We are a natural health organization providing education/training, therapy, research and resources for a healthier and longer life through our international outreach.

Our main office is in Dallas, TX and we currently have branches in Sebring, FL and Manila, Philippines.  We also have certified Instructors in several countries to reach the global region.   

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  • HNU 39 - Toxin Warning part 2  (1/17/2012)
  • Chemical Toxins Cannot Be Avoided. Environmental toxins can cause diabetes. Our body doesn't have to be a toxic storage vessel, there is still high hope and help!
  • HNU 38 -Toxin Warning  (1/11/2012)
  • Recent studies show everyone is toxic! Your life may depend on how toxic you are, and what you do about it!
  • Christmas Sale  (12/21/2011)
  • Not only the largest TKI Christmas Sale, but valuable treasure chests that keep giving!
  • Thanksgiving 2011  (11/24/2011)
  • A Thanksgiving Greeting and a message on the colors of Thanksgiving
  • Request & Survey for the 2012 Class Schedule  (11/14/2011)
  • International 2012 TKM Training and Lecture Schedule; Bring a Class to Your Area, and What do you want to learn?
  • Upcoming Schedule of Events  (8/10/2011)
  • News- Scientists Are Under Attack  (7/25/2011)
  • Scientists Are Under Attack For Speaking The Truth; Genetic Engineering in the magnetic Field of Money
  • News- Health Rights Alert  (7/12/2011)
  • FDA's Powerful Stealth Attack on Supplements!
    The FDA already banned pyridoxamine, a vital form of vitamin B6.
  • HNU 37 (Health News Update)  (6/30/2011)
  • Pomegranate for Cancer? Although known for Heart and Artery Health, it is powerful for other health issues. TKM Testimonies and TKM for the Military.
  • Class Notices - Live and Online  (6/15/2011)
  • HNU 34 (Health News Update)  (5/19/2011)
  • Leaky Gut? Plus, A Role of TJs and Zonulin in the Gut; It is very important for those desiring health to create a healthy immune environment, and more...
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