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Risk Taking
November 12, 2009
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sudan wells 11-12-09Water: We don't even think about it 

How far did you have to walk to get a drink of water or to brush your teeth today? Holston groups are uniting to dig 19 new wells in south Sudan.

salary cuts 11-12-09
Reducing the bishop's salary
"If you can eat two meals a day for five consecutive days and you own more than one pair of shoes -- you're wealthy." (UMNS)

staff cuts 11-12-09
Staff cuts?
Here's how churches are saving money without sacrificing ministry, based on their size. (Lewis Center for Church Leadership)

fort hood 11-12-09
UM response at Fort Hood
United Methodists offered prayers and counseling in the aftermath of the Nov. 5 shooting at the military post, home to some 70,000 soldiers and their families. (UMNS)

hiwassee noseworthy 11-12-09
Good news at Hiwassee
The college takes another step toward accreditation. ( 

reading list katy 11-12-09
 Reading List
We asked several pastors to select a youth member in their congregations, then ask this question  ...  

greatest hits 11-09-12
Greatest Hits
Here's what you liked! Top three links in our last edition:
  • 646 - Holding the line on gay issues (UMNS)
  • 407 - Commentary: Parsonage is not home
  • 314 - Who has NOT appeared in The Call?

Conference Calendar
Conference Calendar
  • Nov. 29: United Methodist Student Sunday
  • Nov. 29: First Sunday of Advent
  • Nov. 30: Deadline for health insurance changes
  • Dec. 1: Deadline for Worker's Compensation questionnaire
  • Jan. 11: Deadline to submit 2009 apportionments
  • Jan. 15-17: Resurrection youth event in Gatlinburg
  • Jan. 17: Human Relations Sunday
  • Jan. 22-24: Resurrection youth event in Gatlinburg
  • Jan. 29-31: Divine Rhythm young adult event in Pigeon Forge
  • Feb. 2-5: Ministers Convocation in Lake Junaluska
  • Feb. 15: Change for Children grant applications due
  • March 5-6: March Forth for Children training in Bristol
  • March 6: UMM Day with the Bishop in Rogersville
  • March 11-13: Ministers' Wives Retreat in Sevierville
  • March 14: One Great Hour of Sharing
  • June 13-16: Annual Conference at Lake Junaluska, N.C.
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singles ministry 11-12-09 Picks
  • Singles ministry: A report by Pete Rowlett about a new ministry from the Nuture Team.
  • Wanted: Young dancers, actors, and visual artists for Divine Rhythm in January.
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native american worship 11-12-09 Picks
  • November is ... Native American Ministry Month. Discover these worship resources from the GBOD.
  • Well, of course it is: The UMC is on Facebook!
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muslim outreach 11-12-09
  • Preach_On_Islam: If preachers avoid Islam because they know little about it, the people of God will depend on  the media for their understanding of Muslim life. To receive commentary on the "Revised Common Lectionary" from a Holston minister working in the Middle East, send a message identifying yourself and your church to

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