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Shanghai Pudong View
Zai Jian  Shanghai
" All my bags are packed , I am ready to go,
I am standing here outside the door, 
Oh babe, I hate to go.  Cause I'am leaving on a high speed rail
Don't know when I 'll be back again ." 
John Denver 
On my way to Beijing

 Waterhouse Suite

Neri & Hu are winners of many international and domestic awards and the firm has been recognized as "the epitome of modern Chinese aesthetics." 

 Table Nb. 1

 With a menu created to encourage interaction, we enjoyed several desserts at the same time , coming in sharing portions we could afford a few. 

The Rite of the Phoenix

The Photographer Chen Man, in the Shanghai Tang Spring / Summer Ad Campaign, presents The Rite Of The Phoenix, an inspiring tale of Re-birth.


So Long Shanghai 
My  last 10 days in Shanghai have been extraordinary.  I have experienced almost everything I needed to understand  about what the city offers.
Makeover in Shanghai 
Makeover in Shanghai
Eastern Western celebrations
Redefining Red Luxury
The Five Great Elements

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