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Temple of Gods Shanghai
Makeover in Shanghai
A makeover is a term applied to changing one's appearance, sometimes through cosmetics, wardrobe or lifestyle.
Mine , an extreme one, took place in Shanghai.

I am too Sexy for my Bathtub

Grabbing the small remote control , I choose a New Age channel on the small High Definition TV facing the bathtub overlooking the Pudong skyline view.

The Design It Yourself Experience

Not that I don't have anything to wear but let's face it,  to custom tailor a whole new wardrobe with accessories that will fit  my curves and style, sounds tremendously appealing .

Marriage Market

"Female, born 1981, 1.62 meters tall, bachelors degree, project director at a foreign company, monthly salary above 10.000 , looking for someone born between 82 and 74, bachelors degree with a sense of responsibility for the family. "

 My Personal Aviation Lounge
 On my way in to the lounge, I realize that I am jumping straight into a world of adventure and romance experienced by the air traveller of the 1930, and a celebration of Chinese aviation history.

 If only Sir Elly Knew

The Hon Sir Michael Kadoorie. Sir Elly , united in 1926, was a businessman of Iraqui Jewish origin. Following his brother Sir Elly's footsteps, he became the director of the Hongkong Shanghai Hotels, Limited in 1938.

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